What Does It Mean To FAT Wash ADS From a File Question


Part – I

Download Microsoft Streams in a Windows Computer or Windows Virtual Machine (Streams – Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Docs )

Run “streams.exe -s” on a folder where there is downloaded content (anything you downloaded from internet). Note: You need to navigate to the folder with cd command from cmd and “type streams.exe -s”

Take a screenshot and add to your assignment.

Part – II

Answer the questions below:

What are Alternate Data Steams ?

What does it mean to FAT wash ADS from a file ?

Part – III

Insert the EICAR anti-virus test signature string on a text file and save it. (Download Anti Malware Testfile – Eicar) Explain what happened (How did your antivirus or Windows firewall reacted ?).

Insert the EICAR anti-virus test signature string as an alternate data stream to some file on your machine and test if your Anti-Virus can detect it. (You can use echo <EICAR string> your txtfile.txt:additionalfile.txt , for more information: Creating an Alternate Data Stream | Alternate Data Streams: Threat or Menace? | InformIT )

Display the ADS (with more < txtfile.txt:additionalfile.txt)

Explanation & Answer length: 3 pages.

Assignment 4 Part 1: Part II: What are Alternate Data Steams ? Alternate data streams (ADS) can be described as files that are actively attributed to specific functions and can only be found on the NTFS functional system. In the given system, a specific file is actively built up from a couple of given attributes. One of such files is $Data, which is basically known as the data attribute. The given provision would simply contain a given text which is situated inside the text file (Hu et al., 2021). In its functionality, it is the only specified primary data that is contained in the system. Streams on the other hand are considered as the first specific tools that can be used to create and read alternate data stream. What does it mean to FAT wash ADS from a file ? This is a technological operation that takes place when one needs a chance to store a given metadata on a running program. The FAT file system would then offer a provision where one can easily search their drives.

Once the drives in question have been obtained, they would then be able to perform additional operations with the use of the ADS system to effectively clean the given drives and streams to ensure that they are free from any given errors (Seo et al., 2015). There are specific situations where the data streams in question are strictly connected to a feature of the given NTFS file system. However, it does not mean that they can be considered as a security barrier or that they cannot be easily viewed. It is one of the best provisions to prevent common files on the system in question from being breached. Part III: References Hu, Y., Zhang, X., & Chi, T. (2021). A 28GHz Hybrid-Beamforming Transmitter Array Supporting Concurrent Dual Data Steams and Spatial Notch Steering for 5G MIMO. 2021 IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC). Seo, S., Chun, S., Oh, B., & Lee, K. (2015). SDPA: Sensor Data Processing Architecture for Modeling Semantic Data from Sensor Steams. 2015 IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration.

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