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Four Ways to Solve Problems

Life is sometimes full of difficulties, obstacles, challenges, and pain. At times, life seems to be one problem after another. We wonder, when will all of these problems end? Ant yet, among the problems is a solution if we notice it.  For this assignment, think of a life problem you have experienced and try to find a solution to it. Include the four steps in your problem-solving process.

Problem Solving 

Think of problem solving as a process with four P’s:

1- Define the Problem: What is the problem? Tell the truth about what is present in your life without shame or blame.

2- Generate Possibilities: What if there are several possible solutions? Put on your creative thinking hat. Open up. Brainstorm as many possible solutions to the problem as you can. at this stage quantity counts.

3- Create a PlanHow would this possible solution work? Choose the solution that seems most workable. Gather relevant facts to help you choose.

4- Perform your plan: Why is one solution more workable than another? This step gets you off chair and out into the world. Now you actually do what you have planned. Through the quality of your actions, you become the architect of your own success. 

When facing problems, experiment with these four P’s, and remember that any solution has the potential to create new problems. If that happens, cycle through the four P’s of problem solving again.

journal includes all 4 P’s with specific details and examples

Critical ThinkingDefine critical thinking and explain how it can be used in solving the problem.

Logical ArgumentDefine the three elements of a logical argument and form your journal as a logical, persuasive one!

Bloom Taxonomy Considering the 6 steps of the Bloom’s Taxonomy, which level of thinking are you manifesting with solving this problem? Why?

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