Vertical and Horizontal Markets Discussion


  • Topic 1: Vertical and horizontal markets can benefit from IoT solutions. When these solutions span the breadth of an industry, a holistic approach is achieved. This creates new opportunities in the IoE and provides value to people.Explore the scenarios below. Select two of them and identify whether the scenario is a solution for a horizontal market or vertical market. Share your answers with the class explaining your rationale.
    • An energy management system that automatically adjusts room temperature based on the environment and usage
    • Ingestible microchips that send signals to notify the doctor that the pill was swallowed
    • Electronic sensors on railroad tracks that transmit information to an operations center about track conditions and the speed of rail vehicles
    • Water sprinklers that adjust to the temperature, sunlight, and soil conditions
    • Sensors embedded in roadways to adjust the timing of stoplights according to traffic conditions
    • A shipping management system that tracks the movement, vibration, and light exposure time of milk
    • A system of sensors that track the speed and location of all the players during a sporting event
    • Inventory tracking system in a grocery store that provides real-time updates to shoppers, employees, and vendors

Explanation & Answer length: 1 Paragraph.

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