The Minimum Recycled Content Bill Discussion

Sample Brief Report of a current event relevant to legal issues in the business world based on a recent news story or court case you select. You will:

1) provide a summary of the facts and explain what business law issues are raised;

2) Provide a conclusion including the outcome of the case or what each party involved would like to happen; and

3) tell us what your opinion is about the outcome or likely outcome.


1. Sources include a link in your paper. You MUST use more than one source in order to facilitate factual reporting.

2. Must include FACTS. 3.What Business Law issue/topics are involved?

4. Legal Limitations – if applicable include what Laws, Statutes, Ordinances impact the facts and outcome?

5. Conclusion: to include consequences / ramifications (fine, jail, modification of business operations, public distrust, close business, etc.)

6. Your opinion- Do you AGREE or DISAGREE? Why? Above Standard (81-100% of points) Ideas are clearly organized, developed, and supported to achieve a purpose; the facts, business law issues, and consequences are clearly communicated. The introduction gets the attention of the audience.

The presenter clearly states the facts, issues raised, relevancy to BLAW205, and consequences. Main points are clear and organized effectively. The conclusion clearly communicates the author’s opinion about the outcome. All 10 required portions are included in the summary paper, including posting requirements Excellent organization. Follows academic standards. The presenter effectively keeps audience engaged. Topic selection is on point and relevant to course subject matter. The source is current. Replies to at least 3 comments (more is better) and completely answers questions/comments in an engaging manner.

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