The Impact of The Coronavirus on The Airline Industry Research


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Title of the research paper

The impact of the Coronavirus
pandemic on the demand and supply of air travel, changes in prices and income
impact on airlines, and how incentives can enhance the industry’s recovery in
2021 -2022.
Problem under investigation
The 2019 global outbreak of the
Coronavirus pandemic impacted the worldwide economy, with most industries and
businesses being affected. By June 2020, most small and medium businesses had
either closed or operated half below their capacity. However, the airline
industry was one of the most affected, with air travel shutting down as many
countries closed their border to minimize the spread of the virus. Over one
year since the disease outbreak, the airline industry is yet to recover, with
most of the airlines operating 50% below their capacity as of April 2021. While
the recovery of the sector is expected to be slow as vaccination against the
disease grows, full recovery to return to pre-pandemic rates is not expected
until 2026 if measures are not implemented to help in the recovery process. The
research paper will investigate how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected air
travel by analyzing air travel services’ public demand and supply. The paper
will also look at the impact of this on price changes and income as many
airlines report considerable losses in the last financial year. With the
recovery process expected to be slow, the paper will also look at some of the
incentives that airlines, governments, and other stakeholders can implement to
fasten the recovery process.
Importance of the study
This study will help shed more
light on the continued impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the airline
industry’s economic performance and the global economy. The research will help
understand how airlines contribute to the global economy and how this has been
affected. Central to the study is the recovery of the industry, with the paper
helping identify some of the incentives that can promote the recovery of the
airline industry and the global economy as a whole. This will help inform some
of the policy changes, government incentives, and measures that airlines, governments,
and key stakeholders can implement to aid in the recovery of businesses that
depend on air travel.
Purpose of the study
This study aims to understand the
impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the airline industry and the global
economy. The study also aims to uncover some of the incentives that governments
and key industry stakeholders can implement to help the sector recover faster
given the prevailing business environment.
Main participants in your study
The main participants in this study
will be airlines and governments. The paper will analyze how government
policies have affected air travel during the pandemic and how they can help in
its recovery. Hotels, restaurants, and the global tourism industry will also be
a primary focus due to its dependence on air travel.

Explanation & Answer length: 5000 words

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