The Development of A Contract Enforceable Lease Agreement Discussion

Final Project Development of a Contract. Group work or individually. For 200 Points. • This project will be relatively simple. Prepare a contract on a topic of your choice. It should be at least ONE page long. How? Select the topic. For example, the repair of a kitchen, a lease agreement, a service contract… Once your select the topic, make sure that you revisit chapter 8 and look at Agreement and it elements… your contract must include: o Names and information of the two parties entering into the agreement with complete information of parties… (Addresses, emails, phone numbers…) o Description of the subject matter o Complete description of responsibilities of all parties… … o A Schedule, beginning and ending date of the service, lease… o If it is about the repair of a kitchen for example, specify the type of materials to be used, for example, type of wood for the cabinets, fixtures, cabinetry, and kitchen counters if tile specify, type of flooring, et al… o Consideration… Establish the price or cost of the project of the service or project.

Prepare a schedule of payment unless it is a onetime lump payment. As you can see this is how you include the elements of the Agreement and Consideration. As long as you comply with Contractual Capacity and the Legal requirements, you have formed a legally binding and enforceable contract in a court of law. Contracts can be simple or complex depending on the subject matter. For this assignment, keep it simple…. To get ideas on how to construct a contract, first identify the subject matter. Once the subject has been identified google and blouse for example of contracts. You may follow formats and examples of existing contracts to create your own.

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