The Coca Cola Distribution Channel Discussion


Pick a product you are fond of and do some research to discover the channels of distribution the product follows as it travels from the manufacturer to you. For the purposes of this assignment, do not use a product that is sold directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. Do focus on a tangible good. The purpose of the assignment is to learn about the logistics of distribution for products that travel through some combination of intermediaries such as wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. Keep in mind that there are different kinds of distributors and some distributors may service certain types of stores such as convenience stores whereas other distributors may service other types of stores such as big box stores or grocery stores. The same product may be distributed through different distributors going to different kinds of retailers. That’s the type of information you want to learn. Provide a visual of the channels of distribution for the product you have chosen.

You might learn this information through research in the popular business press, through the company’s annual reports, through interviewing company personnel, or in other ways. Make sure to correctly reference your sources, including any interviews you might do. Referencing must ALWAYS be correct in order to achieve any points (because to fail to appropriately reference your sources can lead you to charges of plagiarism). References should be given within the paragraph in which you present the facts as well as in a reference section at the end of the document. The format for references within the text of a document differ from the full reference provided at the end of a document. Make sure you know how to cite your sources correctly.

Explanation & Answer length: 1 Page.

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