The Case of Wils Grill Case Study


Here is the link to the case of Wil’s Grill that you should buy the case from Harvard Business Publishing:

Read the case and answer the following questions. Your answer must be submitted in a Word document format.

  1. What are the resources, capabilities and core competencies required to compete in the street food market segment?
  2. What are the strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for Wil’s Grill?
  3. How do the necessary core competencies, resources and capabilities compare between the street market segment, and the new market segment, catering?       a. What’s required to effectively compete in the catering market segment?      b. Which one are transferable from the street food segment to the catering segment?     c. What gaps exist if John decides to enter into the catering segment?

           d. How might John acquire and/or develop the missing core competencies, resources and/or capabilities if he enters into catering segment?

4. Using the comparison of the two segments in question 3, make an argument for the strategic decision John Christ should make for his business – expand in the current street food market segment, and add a new market segment, catering, or do something else? 

Explanation & Answer length: 4 pages.

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