Tesla Brand Association Presentation

What you are required to do: you can research the recent two weeks of Tesla




please review all the parts and please complete each task. thank you

Brand exploratory is conducting consumer research in order to understand what consumers think and feel about the brand and find a way to improve and leverage the brand’s equity. It helps brand managers understand the brand through the eyes of the consumer. The second step of brand audit includes qualitative research and quantitative research.  

1) Investigating brand associations of your group project brand (brand inventory): 

– Collect brand associations (top of mind associations) from at least 10 people in the target market for your brand TESLA (i.e., ask “what comes to mind when I mention brand X and/or “what are the top five words that come to mind when you think of brand X? And finally ask them how/why they have come to have such top of mind associations).
– Summarize the responses from 10 people into the 5-10 strongest associations (or common themes) negative or positive, with your brand and report them, along with the respondents’ reasoning: Core brand associations
– You can add a mental map for the brand based on your data.
– Include a short profile of your respondents (gender, age, whether the current user of the brand or not, etc.) 

2) Monitoring social media comments at least for two weeks before the due date 

– Follow or regularly visit the brand’s Twitter account, or Instagram, Facebook page, or vlog, or online community page, or any other social media account that the brand regularly posts, etc. You can pick one social media run by the brand or the brand-related online community. Review the brand’s posts and monitor comments. Look at what contents are tweeted or posted on social media. Read comments from its customers. 

– Summarize the comments with the brand’s posted contents. Is the comment negative, positive, supportive, irrelevant, etc.? How does (should) the company deal with comments? What do you think about customers who commented or shared their opinions? Are they good or bad for the brand? How will those comments influence other consumers’ perception of the brand? How will all of these social media communications help the brand connect with their customers? 

3) Reporting your findings from the above two tasks in a PPT file with slide notes. Using the slide notes, you can provide extra information or your additional explanation.
When you report your findings, add your suggestion to improve any image issue, or fix a problem (e.g., negative feedback) that you find via the social media monitoring. You may link your findings with those from your brand inventory project. 

4) Length of your PPT file: Up to 10 slides will be good. If you go more than 10, it will also be good. As for the brand association task, you are only collecting information from 10 people so that we cannot generalize the information for the entire consumers, but we are doing so only for 

Explanation & Answer length: 10 Slides.

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