Statistics Hypothesis Test for A Population Mean Lab Report

Module 22 – Hypothesis Test for a Population Mean Lab (13 of 19 groupwork 1) • Use StatCrunch to conduct a hypothesis test to test a claim about a population mean. • State an appropriate conclusion in context. • Explain the meaning of each relevant item from the StatCrunch output. Learn by Doing In this lab you will learn how to use StatCrunch to conduct a hypothesis test for a population mean using StatCrunch. Some features of this activity may not work well on a cell phone or tablet. We highly recommend that you complete this activity on a computer. Use the rubric at the bottom of this page as a guide for completing this assignment. A list of StatCrunch directions is provided after the Prompt section below. Directions Submit your work: • Carefully read all sections below (beginning with the context section and ending with the Prompt section).

• Commit a good-faith effort to address all items in the Prompt section below. Please be sure to number your responses. • If directed to do so, embed all required StatCrunch output in your initial submission. Please do not submit StatCrunch output as an attachment. Complete your assigned peer reviews: • After you submit your initial good-faith attempt, continue to the ANSWER(S) page and review your instructor’s response. But please do not submit your corrected work yet. . Within three days after the due date, return to this assignment and complete your assigned peer reviews (directions Submit your corrected work: . We all learn from mistakes (our own and our classmates’ mistakes).

So please do not immediately correct your own mistakes. If possible, wait until you receive feedback from at least one of your peers. . If necessary, correct your work and resubmit the entire assignment – including any required StatCrunch output. Your instructor will only review and grade your most recent submission, so please do not refer to a previous submission. Context A group of 75 college students from a liberal arts college were randomly sampled and asked about the number of alcoholic drinks they have in a typical week. The file containing the data is linked below. The purpose of this study e was to compare the drinking habits of the students at the college to the drinking habits of college students in general.

In particular, the dean of students, who initiated this study, would like to check whether the mean number of alcoholic drinks that students at his college have in a typical week differs from the mean of U.S. college students in general, which is estimated to be 4.73. Variables The number of alcoholic beverages a student consumes in a week. Data Download the drinks e data file and then upload the datafile in StatCrunch. Prompt The drinks datafile is available in the Data section below.

1. Let ji be the mean number of alcoholic beverages that students in the liberal arts college drink in a typical week. State the hypotheses.

2. Here is a histogram of the data. Can we safely use the t-test with this data? Explain. Frequency 351 30 25 20 151 10 5 0 0 10 15 20 number of drinks per week

3. Perform the t-test using StatCrunch. (directions) Copy and paste the information from the StatCrunch output window into your initial post.

4. Based on the P-value, state your conclusions in context. Use a 5% level of significance. NOTE: You do not need to double the P-value for this two-tailed test. StatCrunch calculates the P-value for you.

5. Using the context of this scenario, explain the meaning of each of following items from the StatCrunch output for the hypothesis test.

a. Std. Err (standard error)

b. T-stat (T-score)

c. P-value List of StatCrunch Directions Each link will open in a new window. To return to this discussion, either close the new tab or select the tab for this discussion • Purchase StatCrunch (You only need to do this once.) Open StatCrunch • Download Excel Data File Upload Excel Data File to StatCrunch • Download StatCrunch Output Window (no screenshots; please use these directions) Upload Files into Your Stat-Class Folder in Canvas • Copy & Paste a StatCrunch Table • Conduct a T-test using StatCrunch Here is a PDF document with all StatCrunch directions e.

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