Social Media Efforts and Travel Agency Partnerships Case Study

READ THIS BEFORE SCROOLING TO YOUR HEADLINE!!! Please follow the feedback below to write the final version of this assignment. There were A LOT of grammar mistakes and parts that were not done correctly in the first submission. BEFORE SENDING YOUR PART: Please utilize for grammar check before sending the final version to me. And for APA formatting. DUE DATE: THURSDAY, JUNE 17TH @11PM EST. Send your documents to SPECIFIC HEADLINES AND FEEDBACK: Ecotourism in Virginia (Ky) What is missing: Give specific examples of ecotourist activities in Virginia – national parks, lakes, outdoor activities. It has to be specific to the state of Virginia in the US. Unique Selling Proposition (Son) What is missing:

Describe the unique value proposition of ecotourism in Virginia, why is this superior to its competitors across the US? Target Customers (Ni) What is missing: Who is an ecotourist consumers? Find research that explains who they are, age, gender, social-economic status, general demographics, and psychographics, and more. Complex Buying Behavior (Kar) Previous submission: While looking into specific buying behaviors there are four categories in which a product can fall under, complex, variety seeking, dissonance reducing, and habitual buying. Complex buying behavior being the one with the highest level of both involvement and significant differences between products will be analyzed (Sydorenko, 2021). What is missing: The buyer behavior was already identified above, but there need to be further explanation to why this is the specific buying behavior?

Market Trends (Bh & Chan) Previous submission: Ecotourism is considered a form of sustainable tourism, in which the main objective is to minimize the negative impacts on the natural ecosystem. The ecotourism market relies on the expenditure that comes from travelers from all over the world. Inadequate support from the infrastructure facilities at ecotourism destinations in developing and under-developing countries are major challenges for the proliferation of ecotourism. However, due to the current covid-19 pandemic situation, the tourism industry is highly negatively affected (Fletcher, 2019).

The covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the ecotourism market due to the travel restrictions around the world to avoid virus spread. What is missing: 1. pre-covid market trends to show ecotourism interest over the years (Bh) 2. pos-covid reopening strategies for state parks and outdoor activities (Char) Market Drivers (Chau) Previous submission: The market drivers are the factors that force customers to buy and pay for services. These factors develop the market and are responsible for exponential growth. The market depends on the customer, technology, demand, cost or price, competition, and government policies and regulations. Most of the market drivers which regulate the market are social, economic, technological, environmental, political, governmental, legal, and ethical. Social drivers include target population, lifestyle or trend, and sustainability factors. Economic drivers incorporate recession or inflation, employment rates, economic fluctuations, and world trends.

Technological drivers encompass social networking technology, mobile technology, and internet access. Finally, the environmental drivers are health patterns, disease patterns, and climate change. What is missing: find specific market drivers that influence ecotourism in Virginia and give examples. Market Segmentation (He) Geographic Segmentation Previous submission: Geographic segmentation considers the geographical location, state, zip code, city, and other geographical barriers. What is missing: analyze which areas on the USA and worldwide are more prone to travel and adventurous habits – potential travelers to Virginia. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses – Increase in eco-awareness – Weather and season restrictions – Cultural tourism – Potential liabilities and injuries Opportunities Threats – Economic growth – Environmental harm – Hosts-visitor relationships – Cultural differences – Virginia Green Strengths (Ha) Previous submission: The strengths of ecotourism in Virginia State include the raising of eco-awareness and cultural awareness.

The increased interest in eco-friendly attractions other than city tours, because ecotourism provides a deeper look at a local community’s culture and ecological preservation. Weaknesses (Ha) Previous submission: Some of the potential weaknesses are seasons and weather restrictions as ecotourism relies on decent and appropriate weather (Shasha et al., 2020). There is also potential for injuries due to individuals who might not be used to the outdoors environment and ecotourism activities. What is missing: more information, more detailed research for the existing S+W. And finding other potential S+W. Opportunities (Kui) Previous submission: Opportunities involve economic boost for the host country of ecotourism, which increases financial support and assistance to locals. Relationship building and consolidation might be possible between hosts and visitors, which could increase the likelihood of revisiting.

The Virginia Green initiative is another opportunity for ecotourism, as it helps tourism-related businesses make voluntary commitments to be good environmental stewards while also helping them grow their business revenues. Through its “Green Tourism program,” Green Tourism receives a $25,000 grant per year to help develop a niche for tourism in certain areas within the Greater Green Hills region. The grant, which is designed to cover the operating costs maps of the program, is a “one-time, $25,000 grant to support Green Tourism” in certain areas. Green Tourism can obtain high-quality, cost-effective information at affordable prices, allowing them to operate a profitable business with minimal marketing overhead.

Green Tourism is a firm that owns the company, and it currently operates seven out of ten sites where they have vacation sites. (Bowles, & Ruhanen, 2018). Threats (Kui) Previous submission: Finally, potential threats include environmental harm that could be done by tourists. The main goal of ecotourism is to protect the environment, however, the increased number of daily tourists visiting a particular destination hampers the freedom of expression within the natives. Lack of awareness and education can also lead to possible ecological and conservation disrespect towards the culture, the locals, and the environment. What is missing: *professor feedback* “Threats” to the environment as tourist converge on these areas how will the ecosystem be protected and what will be the opportunities threats not only to the particular area but to the residents of the area?

This part needs more information and more detailed research – follow the professors’ feedback. Promotion (Bh and Mi) Promotion is used to create demand for a service or product, attract attention, create interest or desire, and generate action to sell the service or product to the final customers or a service provider. Some promotional efforts that will be covered include, but are not limited to social media, travel agencies, sales promotion offers blogs, and brochures. Social media is common among district generations and can be utilized as two different marketing approaches, first, the organization promoting the ecotourism attraction, and second, a travel agency promoting it on their social media page. What is missing: 1. more information about social media efforts and travel agency partnerships (Bh) 2. sales promotion (coupon, loyalty program, or yearly member), blogs and brochures (Ma) Contingency Plan (Jeni) What is missing: what will be done in case this plan does not work? What other strategies can we utilize?

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