Social Identities & Communication Patterns Paper


This assignment is designed to help you prepare for the midterm exam by reflecting on how communication has shaped your identity and personal culture. Throughout the five lessons of the semester, we have discussed how humans create patterns of interaction together; how technology shapes our understandings of self, other, and society (Lesson 1); the role of language in (re)producing these patterns (Lesson 2); how these patterns produce a multitude of cultures and privilege (Lesson 3); and how communication shapes our sense of self, self-presentation, and our perception of the world around us (Lessons 4 and 5).

Your assignment is to apply two course concepts from the five lessons to your own sense of identity or personal culture. You may choose to focus on any aspect of your identity or personal culture, but you must use at least two course concepts, each from different lessons). A concept can come from any course readings and/or interactive lessons, and it should be a clearly identifiable concept that is fully explained, referenced, and applied in your personal life.

If you are confused whether the concepts you are thinking of writing about will work, you should email your instructor no later than a week before the post is due so you have more than enough time to write the post, spell- and grammar- check it, and properly cite all materials. Emailing during the week of the post due date shows poor preparation on your part, and the instructor may not be able to respond in a timely fashion if you wait to write your post until the week of or two days before the due date.

  1. You must apply two course concepts drawn from the five lessons so far. The two concepts you use should not be from the same lesson.
  2. There’s a three-point requirement here with regard to the concepts: You must clearly define the concept, correctly cite the concept as per the course readings (don’t use the lecture notes! That’s like a Tweet compared to a novel), and offer an explanation in your own words of the concept.
  3. You must have a clear introduction, thesis, preview and conclusion. (Pre-write!!)
  4. You must address and apply the concepts to your life and not discuss them in a detached way.

Ask yourself:

  • Are these concepts addressed accurately? (Have I explained them well?)
  • Are these concepts addressed adequately? (Have I discussed the concepts in depth?)
  • Do these concepts appear interconnected as explained?
  • Do my examples and overall application of each concept make sense?
  • Does my post read well from beginning to end? (Have I made sure to check for grammatical and/or other proofreading errors?)

We cling to first impressions.. when something has later on we use confirmation bias based on the first impression (THIS IS THE LESSON IN THE BOOK)

Two stories one of my walking down street and ppl walking to the other sidewalk because the perception of me based on my skin color ( U HAVE THE FREEDOM TO SPICE IT AND ADD DETAILS)

The car story with my friend. My newapartment complex saw a black man doing work in the parking lot on his car and a neighbor reported that I was working on my car in the parking lot although I was not outside or even awake at the time (All these are true but you can spice it up)

Connect it Chapter 4 Perceiving Others ( THIS IS HUGE)

Talk about common tendencies and judgements and how they stereotype me although I’m a great dude

ALSO BIG TALK ABOUT HOW MY PRIVATE IMAGE IS DIFFERENT FOR MY PUBLIC IMAGE. IN PRIVATE IM TOO MYSELF, VERY REFLECTIVE AND NOSTAGLIC. Publically I’m open and accepting of everyone. This a course concept so u don’t have to relate it to anything. Just be creative here, give details

Explanation & Answer length: 900 words.

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