Service Quality Physical Evidence Discussion


  • Why might a customer use physical evidence to form an evaluation for a service? How might a company manage physical evidence?

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Physical evidence is one of the additional 3 P’s of the service marketing mix. Physical evidence comprises of the elements which are incorporated into a service to make it tangible and somewhat measurable. At the same time, it also helps in the positioning of the brand and for targeting the right kind of customers. The best example of Physical evidence in use is the hospitality industry. Airlines offer premium travel as well as economy classes. Similarly, restaurants are known to be 3 star, 4 star, 5 star. All such differentiation, and the target customer that accompanies such differentiation, is because of the use of physical evidence in marketing (Bhasin, 2018).

There are various elements of physical evidence you can use to create the desired environment for your customers. The elements are what makes up the components of physical evidence. These are the items you can use to control and manage the senses of your customer. A few elements of physical evidence are location design, equipment used, air quality, lighting, noise, music, employee dress code, parking situation, colors, cutlery, furniture, billing paper, and business card cardstock. These are just a few of the elements that can be controlled when building the physical evidence component of the marketing mix. Each element has a place. They all contribute to creating an experience for the customer. Deciding which elements fit with your business allow you to decide which items to focus on. Then, you can create the physical evidence component of your marketing mix (“What is Physical Evidence”, 2020).

Pst 2 for response:

Physical evidence affects service quality expectations and perceptions. So, every service organization should first understand the importance of physical evidence. Effective planning is needed for physical evidence. The planning strategy should be linked to the organization’s overall goals and vision. The planner must carefully design the strategy that can support the accomplishment of organizational goals.

When customers visit a service facility, they expect it to be user-friendly easy to find, simple to use and staffed by helpful personnel. Operations specialists tend to focus on the functional aspects of facility design, with an emphasis on productive use of resources and safe, efficient delivery of services. But marketers also care about the impression that service facilities and personnel make on customers and how they contribute to the overall service experience.

As marketers and corporate strategists pay more attention to customer experiences, they have recognized the impact of physical space and tangibles in creating those experiences. Lewis Carbone, a leading consultant on experience management, has developed an entire lexicon and management process around the basic idea of “experience engineering” through “clue management”. 

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