Sales Forecast for Nike Latest Running Shoes & Inventory Decision Making Questions

Please write you own opinion about each part. (please remember the parts are separate. so, you are making an article for each part) Note: no resource needed. Please do not copy from google.

QUESTION 1: As the athletic shoe buyer for Sports Authority, how would you go about forecasting sales for a new Nike running shoe? (150 words needed)

QUESTION 2: Assume you are the grocery buyer for canned fruits and vegetables at a fivestore supermarket chain. Del Monte has told you and your boss that it would be responsible for making all inventory decisions for those merchandise categories. Del Monte will now determine how much to order and when shipments should be made. It promises a 10 percent increase in gross margin dollars in the coming year. Would you take Del Monte up on its offer? Justify your answer. (150 words needed)

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