Ritz Carlton Case Study Paper Questions


Please read the case study “TQM at the Ritz-Carlton” in Chapter 13, p.391 available in your textbook “Organization Development & Change” (10th ed.) by Cummings, T and Worley, C and answer the following questions:

  • Q.1 Based on your understanding of the case, discuss and evaluate employee involvement as practiced by the Ritz-Carlton in terms of the following key elements: ( Minimum 350 words)
    • A. -Power
    • B. -Information
    • C. -Knowledge and skills
    • D. -Rewards
  • Q.2 Do you think the Ritz-Carlton’s experience with TQM could be provided as a benchmark to other organizations? Explain your answer in light of the stages for TQM application. ( Minimum 200 words)
  • Q.3 Discuss which features are evident in the practices of the Ritz-Carlton that would enable the Hotel Company to meet the criteria of high involvement organizations. ( Minimum 200 words)

3:29 Done drive.google.com AA Organization … tion 2015.pdf PDF CHAPTER 13 EMPLOYEE INVOLVEMENT 391 TQM AT THE RITZ-CARLTON application 13.2 O he Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, the premier level of the firm where teams in the individual fiagship of Marriott International, operates work areas set objectives and create action 81 luxury hotels in 27 countries. Employing plans that are reviewed by the corporate steer about 38.000 staff, the firm has a venerable ing committee. This cross-level planning pro record of excellent service that is considered coss helps to assure that quality goals and the benchmark by many in the hospitality action plans are consistent across organiza- Industry. Ritz-Carlton has been involved in tional levels and integrated with the firm’s TOM for over 30 years and was the first hotel overall plan.

In addition, each hotel has a chain to win the coveted Malcolm Baldrige designated quality leader, who serves as a National Quality Award in 1992. Needless to resource and advocate as teams develop and Say Ritz-Carlton is passionate about quality implement their quality plans. guest care, from the president and chief oper Teams play a key role in providing quality ating officer, Herve Humler, to the mainte-service. Each work area in a hotel includes nance, front desk, and housekeeping staff teams responsible for problem solving strategic Ritz-Carlton’s unique approach to TOM is planning, and setting quality certification stan- embedded in its strong corporate culture, dards for each position Employees meet as which is spelled out clearly in its “Gold teams to spot problem patterns, prioritice Standards.

These standards are the backbone problems, and develop measures to prevent of the company and include the values and phi their recurrence. These cross functional teams losophy that guide how it operates, including require sufficient time and resources to learn processes for solving problems and criteria for how to function effectively. Managers are still grooming, housekeeping, safety and efficiency responsible for objectives and solutions but The Gold Standards include Ritz-Carlton’s credo, rely on input and involvement from team mem motto, three steps to service, service values, bers. A unique team tradition at Ritz-Carlton is and other proprietary statements. Al employ the lineup.” drawn from early French restau ees know the Gold Standards by heart and are Tants where the chef got his whole team, includ- well-trained in what they mean for daily working the waters and waitresses, together at the behavior. For example, Ritz-Carlton’s motto, same time each evening to communicate what “We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies they are going to be serving. At the Ritz-Carlton and Gentlemen,” is closely tied to how guests teams on every shift use the lineup for about are welcomed with a warm and sincere greet 15 minutes every day

. This includes sharing ing and depart with a fond farewel.” up-to-the-minute information as well as talking Ritz-Carlton’s TOM program begins at the about great things employees have done to top with senior executives who spend about a deliver exceptional service quarter of their time on quality issues. Because An integral part of Ritz-Carlton’s TOM the company’s service culture is built on trust program is empowering employees to solve these leaders hold themselves accountable for be guests problems as quickly as possible, having according to the values that they require of Employees are responsible for acting at first the organization. The senior executives comprise notice, regardless of the type of problem or the corporate steering committee for TOM as well guest complaint.

They are expected to stop as the senior quality management team. Each their normal routine and to take immediate week the steering committee reviews various positive action to discover what went wrong measures of service quality and performance. It and resolve it. They are empowered to handle engages in detailed planning by setting objectives, any customer complaint on the spot and can devising action plans, and assessing results demand the immediate assistance of other This planning process is essential to Ritz employees and spend up to $2,000 if neces- Carlton’s TOM program. It extends to each sary. Employees can apply this rapid response صفحة 413 / 832 <

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