Reflect on Yourself & Reflect on Partner Optimal Outcome Discussion


Include in at least one of your answers an in-text citation from your textbook that supports your answer. Remember, there are no “right” answers, so think hard about what is the best choice!

Step 1: Reflect on yourself.

What are your thoughts and feelings in this situation? What attributions are you making about Dylan and his behavior? Are your attributions accurate, or are they shaded by your impressions of him?


Step 2: Reflect on your partner.

Using perspective-taking and empathic concern, put yourself in Dylan’s shoes. What is he thinking and feeling in this situation?


Step 3: Identify the optimal outcome.

Think about your communication and relationship with Dylan as well as the situation surrounding the group project (including your leadership responsibilities). What’s the best, most constructive relationship outcome possible? Consider what’s best for you and for Dylan.


Step 4: Locate the roadblocks.

Taking into consideration your own and Dylan’s thoughts and feelings and all that has happened in this situation, what obstacles are keeping you from achieving the optimal outcome?


Step 5: Chart your course.

What can you say to Dylan to overcome the roadblocks you’ve identified and achieve your optimal outcome?


Explanation & Answer length: 150 Words each step.

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