Raising Revenue with a Progressive Value Added Tax Pape

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Everything is attached in the document, has to be between 3-4 pages long, single spaced, times new roman 12 pt font. There are two papers attached that this paper must be written about. Please choose one and use. Everything else needed is in the document attached, thank you.



Essay 2 — Due on April 29 Goals: ▪ (i) to have you become familiar with an important economic topic ▪ (ii) demonstrate how the concepts you learn in Econ 1 apply to the world outside our classroom ▪ (iii) become familiar with economic research papers Topic: Please choose one of these two papers ▪ ▪ https://www.hamiltonproject.org/assets/files/Gale_LO_01.13.pdf https://www.aeaweb.org/articles?id=10.1257/jep.34.2.68 Please write an essay 3-4 pages long (single-spaced) organized as follows: Statement of Economic Question What is the question discussed in the article you chose to investigate? Why do you think this is an important issue to investigate? Why did you pick this paper over the alternative option? Positive Economic Analysis What are the most important points raised in the paper? Are they based on data, economic theory or a combination of data and theory?

What are the key conclusions? What are the main policy implications (if any)? What is missing in the paper that you would like to see addressed? Statement of Relevant Economic Concepts What are 2 relevant economic concepts that can be used to shed light on the topic the author is investigating? Provide a description of each economic concept and describe briefly why each concept is relevant in your context. Please be specific. Here the goal is to link the paper to specific economic concepts that we have covered in class. Normative Economic Analysis In this concluding section, you should share your personal opinion on the topic discussed. How personally concerned are you about climate change? Is the evidence in the paper convincing? Do you agree or disagree with the author’s main conclusions? Defend your position. Is there any other information you’d like to have before taking a definite position? Are the proposed policies (if any) good or bad? Why? Formatting Requirements ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ 1″ margins on all sides Single-spaced Pages numbered 11-12 pt, Times New Roman. Put your name, your GSI’s name, the date, your section number, and the word count at the top of the first page. ✓ The works cited page & the headings should be excluded from the word count. ✓ Work Cited page, any format (endnotes, MLA, etc.) which ever you prefer. Handing in Paper Submit your paper as a file upload on bCourses. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in 0 points for the entire assignment and a referral to the Center of Student Conduct.

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