Principles of Marketing Using Social Media to Reach Consumers Questions

Using Social Media to Reach Consumers 1. Research how a company uses social media platforms. 2. Analyze the consistency of messages on different social media platforms. 3. Develop a social media program to promote a specific product. Access the Internet to research statistics and information about companies and social media platforms. 1. Select a product. Research and analyze how the product uses social media to connect with customers. a. What does the main product Web site look like? What are the key messages?

Who are the target markets? b. How is the company using various social media platforms? For example, if a company is using Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, have the team pull up recent ads and postings. c. Compare the Web site with the various social media postings. d. What is the company doing well? What could be done differently? e. Create a chart with your findings (see example below) Example Company: Social media as used by Soda Stream

2. What things surprised you? Marketing Platforms Web site Web Address Comments on Content Platform #1 (Facebook) Platform #2 (YouTube) Platform #3 (Twitter) 3. Social media platforms differ in regards to their users. Use the following Web sites to gather basic information about each platform. a. DMR Stats: (Important: This site has paid reports, but there is a great deal of free information as well.) b. Smart Insights: c. Pew Internet Research: 4.

Compile a list of statistics about a different social media platform. Possible statistics include: a. b. c. d. e. Active users Daily users Use by age Use by gender Average time spent on the platform Example: Facebook Active users Daily users Percentage that use it daily Average number of friends/followers 5. Which platforms are most valuable? What are the Most Popular Facebook Brands? Twitter Rank order the companies listed in the Facebook Consumer Brand Pages Handout. FACEBOOK CONSUMER BRAND PAGES HANDOUT BRAND* Coca-Cola Converse Disney Facebook iTunes McDonald’s MTV Oreo Pepsi PlayStation Red Bull Samsung Mobile Starbucks Walmart YouTube * In alphabetical order RANK ON FACEBOOK “FANS” / “LIKES” 1 OF TOP 4 ON FACEBOOK “ENGAGEMENT”

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