Principles of Business Management Discussion

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Watch the video “Job satisfaction and commitment” on the link below and write a minimum of 150 words on what you found interesting from the video. Make sure to reply to at least one of your classmate’s posts.

CLASSMAT’S POST: “Based on the assumption that, with the instability of the current scenario, organizations increasingly need factors that give them a competitive advantage, management with people has been a strong influence for this advantage.

With the appreciation of knowledge, people became the most important element of organizational processes. In this way, the good management of human resources competencies is associated with the organization’s survival.

Despite changes in concept over the centuries, job satisfaction in several studies is related to important variables for the organization.

satisfaction can affect productivity, communication, health, among other factors. Therefore, job satisfaction has implications for efficiency, productivity, quality of work relationships, levels of absenteeism, organizational commitment, health and well-being of employees. Therefore, it is vitally important to know how satisfied employees are with their work.

Organizational commitment can be defined as the psychological bond that represents the connection of the owners to the organization, and that has a basis for a decision to remain in the organization. Thus, organizational commitment is related to the employee’s bond with the organization, associated with the desire to remain unemployed.”

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