Primary and Secondary Market Research ERC Inc Research Paper


Scenario: You are a marketing manager working for ERC Inc. (fictional). The company owns several vintage theaters in Northern California, including the El Rey Theater in downtown Chico. In recent years, the El Rey has screened a variety of niche films and has also hosted concerts. Although the El Rey’s events have been reasonably well-attended and although the theater enjoys a prime location close to campus, the El Rey is losing money. The VP of Marketing at ERC has asked you to develop a marketing strategy which will enable the El Rey to consistently attract Chico State students. Before developing your marketing strategy, the VP of Marketing wants you to do some marketing research.

Part 1: Write two, double-spaced pages in which you…

  • define the problem (based on the Project Scenario Description)
  • choose and describe a target market (based on your common sense and on secondary research which might show which types of college students are most interested in niche theaters)
  • decide to use a causal and/or descriptive study and explain the reasons for your choice
  • formulate and state research hypotheses that should be tested in relation to your target market and the El Rey.

Part 2Research secondary research sources to see if you can uncover descriptions and needs of your target market in relation to niche theaters.  This part of the assignment will be DIFFICULT. You will find that there are not clear cut secondary research sources that will specifically tell you the types of college students who frequent niche theaters and what their service-related needs/wants/desires are.  Rather, you’re going to have to piece together your findings based on clues from a broad range of sources.  I’m assigning this difficult step so that you see how hard secondary research can be and why it usally needs to be conducted in conjunction with primary research. Frequently, secondary research is used to help researchers better refine the questions and issues that need to be explored via primary research.

Write two, double-spaced pages in which you…

  • list the secondary research sources you consulted
  • draw conclusions (based on your secondary research) about your target market and their service-related needs/wants/desires 
  • describe the type of primary, qualitative research you believe should be conducted in order to supplement your secondary research findings

Part 3: Recommend the types of primary research that should be conducted based on the “holes” and “unanswered research questions” you uncovered in your secondary research.

Write two, double-spaced pages in which you…

  • highlight important, unanswered questions that you were unable to resolve with your secondary research.
  • list the types of primary research that you believe should be conducted in order to fill these “holes”/unanswered questions. 
  • explain why you are recommending the type(s) of primary research that you are recommending

Part 4: Develop a survey/questionnaire. The survey should focus on the research holes that you uncovered in your search for secondary research findings. The questionnair should also ask general demographic, etc. questions and should be at least 15 questions long. Follow the guidelines for survey/questionnaire design found in chapter 5.

Write two, double-spaced pages in which you…

  • discusss the information you hope to uncover via your survey and why it is important (and germane to your research questions) to uncover it.

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