Partnership Analysis & Pricing and Packaging Model for Consulting Firms Paper


We need to provide a partnership analysis + pricing and packaging model for consulting firms.

The consulting firms currently working with CRED are Caselden Consulting and Business Model Adventures.

Please analyze these two current companies, using the value proposition model. And develop a pricing model for the consulting partner.

We only need to complete Richard’s part and not all of it, which is the consulting partner’s part. I will attach the details below. 

Explanation & Answer length: 600 words.

Education + Consultancy Partners Daisy – Education/Training Partners 1. Digital Village 1) What is it? Solve business technology problems by: a) Providing a professional network of digital specialist at a cost-effective rate b) Developing a user-friendly software for their business/customers c) Optimising/updating the software or fix bugs regularly 2) Why do they need Cred? Cred can: ➢ Provide value-added services ▪ A program specifically for the Digital Village Producers to equip them with the management skills on better understanding customer needs, managing people and running projects ➢ Provide easy-to-use platform (app) that enables the employees to: ▪ Focus – track whether they follow the program that Cred provides to them ▪ Focus – check if they improve management skills practically ▪ Focus – record project progress

▪ check performance via a digital report → reflection on performance ➢ Engage users by wellbeing activities: podcast and webinars ➢ Provide customised services: ▪ Advanced management skill sessions ▪ One-on-one consultation 3) Pricing and packaging options – Standard ➢ 30-Day Challenge ➢ Monthly reporting ➢ Podcast – Premium Everything in Standard + ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ – 60-Day Challenge Weekly reporting Live Webinar Customised service: Management skill training/sessions Advanced Everything in Premium + ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ 90-Day Challenge Daily reporting Basic customised services: interface with brand’s logo Advanced customerised services: One-on-one consultation changing/management skills. on habit 2. ForPurpose 1) What is it? – Help people develop skills on policy writing, strategic planning and business meeting by giving face-to-face, online learning and coaching sessions. – Certificate granted after course completion 2) Why do they need Cred? Cred can: ➢ Provide easy-to-use platform (app) that enables the employees to: ▪ Focus → Record what lessons they provide & students’ questions and feedback → adjust/improve teaching plans ▪ Move → Ensure the daily exercise before/after work → motivate to have a healthy lifestyle to maintain working efficiency and quality ▪

Connect → Keep communicating with families, friends, Cred’s consultants → Motivate to ask questions and solve problems ▪ Check performance via a digital report ➢ Provide customised services: One-on-one consultation 3) Pricing and packaging options – Standard ➢ 30-Day Challenge ➢ Monthly reporting ➢ Podcast – Premium Everything in Standard + ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ – 60-Day Challenge Monthly reporting Live Webinar Customised services: Advanced Everything in Premium + ➢ 90-Day Challenge ➢ Advanced customerised services: One-on-one consultation on habit changing Jerry Customer Profile Gains – the benefits which the customer expects and needs, what would delight customers and the things which may increase likelihood of adopting a value proposition. • A platform to monitor user’s data. • A platform to increase user’s interactions and engagements. • A platform could be mobility. • A platform could allow clients upload various audios and videos. • A platform could offer customized content to clients. Pains – the negative experiences, emotions and risks that the customer experiences in the process of getting the job done.

• The monitor function works not very well because of its hysteresis and inaccuracy. • The communication or interactions between clients and users are not satisfied. • It’s not very user-friendly on mobile phones. • The customized content only contains profiles and logos rather than deep content, such as targeted functions for different clients. Customer jobs – the functional, social and emotional tasks customers are trying to perform, problems they are trying to solve and needs they wish to satisfy.

The wellbeing outfit-data monitoring and user’s engagement • Try to help their users to improve the mental health and fix the psychological injury • Try to improve employee’s cognitive performance/ business performance. The wellbeing challenge-mobility, user-friendly and interactions. • Five ways to wellbeing: Connect, Keep Learning, Give, Be active and take notice. • For individuals, families and team. • Each week, a challenge (a set of activities) will be released to users through the app. Based on the numbers of activities and the complete situation, users could gain points and get rewards if users gain great rank among other users. Value Map Gain creators – how the product or service creates customer gains and how it offers added value to the customer. • Platform for monitoring – Power BI. • Cred has mobile app version.

• Cred could upload media, but it is unknown that Cred allows clients upload their contents. • Cred could provide logos and other basic customized content rather than customized service. Pain relievers – a description of exactly how the product or service alleviates customer pains. Products and services – the products and services which create gain and relieve pain, and which underpin the creation of value for the customer. • A platform could help clients to monitor user’s behavior to achieve the wellbeing objective. Ju Ann’s Recruitment Partner eFrontier (Recruitment Specialist) POV – old points • • • Gains – saves time for client company/individuals to find candidates/companies Pains – may not have sufficient good candidates for all client companies Customer jobs – Find the suitable candidate for their clients/vice versa using eFrontier IT and eFrontier Business Cred.

POV – old points • • • Gain creators Pain relievers Products and services – Platform that enables participants & program manager to monitor progress of daily activities (could potentially help to improve candidates’ experience) e-Frontiers – New Points What is it? • Recruitment specialist company based in Dublin, Ireland • Focuses on recruiting: o IT specialist – e-Frontiers IT (have their own team) o General business specialist in Accounting & Finance, Banking & Finance, Customer Life-Cycle (Sales & Marketing) and HR o Executives – searching professionals with deep sectoral expertise and with extensive local and international networks • Has international operations -> build strong network of candidates • Currently all staff are working remotely/from home due to the pandemic • Job -> engage with candidates to help them make good career choices using their expertise and market knowledge whether to stay in their current role or offer other options for a move to advance their career

• Approach to create and build long-term trustful relationship with the candidates through: o Face-to-face meetings o Comprehensive discussion around candidates’ career, skillset, and experience o Offering advise on the current market and potential options o Once candidates look to move forward with an opportunity that e-Frontiers has proposed ▪ Continuous regular communication with candidate throughout the process ▪ Prepping candidates with video interviews ▪ Provide timely feedbacks ▪ Take an active role in any negotiation at offer stage ▪ Provide post job offer and acceptance ➢ Assisting through reference checks ➢ Advise on resignation approach ➢ On-boarding o Provide career resources (tips and tricks) for candidates • Committed to Diversity Charter of Ireland which promotes equality and diversity in the workplace → commiting to effective diversity management, the prevention of discrimination and the promotion of equality in the workplace

• Joined Open Doors Initiative which promote opportunities for long-term unemployed, refugees and asylum seekers as well as people with disabilities → helping with interview prep, courses of which e-Frontiers can offer the most value Why do they want to partner with Cred? (Challenges) Challenges to Remote Working for General Recruiters (e-Frontiers) – Emotionally and mentally draining o Larger pool of candidates o Time zone differences o Work out the logistics of virtual interviews and how to remotely onboard new hires (ensuring the candidates are well prepped before their interviews with scheduling and video call programs and technology platform issues or before their first week “in office”) – ▪ To ensure that the client companies do not lose out on good candidates due to virtual settings/environment issue

▪ To create a better candidate experience Hence, self-awareness and self-management for the recruiters are crucial for remote working – Even though there are lots of tech support resources to help guide recruiters to selfmanage their work in the virtual environment but there aren’t any that can track how recruiters are doing in the virtual world → company find it hard to find out how their employees are actually dealing with working from home – This is where Cred platform can fill in the gap/opportunity to help recruitment companies to track and monitor the energy levels of their own employees (recruiters) by putting their mental well being first for their wellness and better productivity o Focus – reflect on their work day (how they start off and end their day) o Move – ensuring they do some stretches and walk about to avoid spending too much time on the screen (take regular breaks in-between)

o Connect – ensuring they stay connected as they no longer work in the office with people around them o This could communicate to the company on how the team/staff/employees are coping with working from home and better provide them with resources to help them manage working remotely How can e-Frontiers use Cred.’s platform moving forward? – Potentially using Cred.’s platform for on-boarding check in with new hires just for the first month (either catering for the client companies to monitor or for e-Frontiers themselves to monitor how the new hires are fitting in the new employment environment) → since they are looking to building long-term trustful relationship with the candidates, it should not stop at filling the job vacancy.

E-Frontiers could leverage the understanding of the candidates post hiring to maintain their relationship – e-Frontiers could also on sell/promote Cred.s platform capabilities to client companies remote working culture to help them better monitor their own staff/employees energy levels for better productivity with Pricing and Packing Options for Recruitment (e-Frontiers) – Starter Package → 15-Days Challenge + Basic Reporting tools – Intermediate Package → 30-Days Challenge + Reporting tools + Access to webinars and other resources – Advanced Package → 30-Days/60-Days/90-Days Challenge + Reporting tools + Access to webinars and other resources + Reward Program (possible future collaboration with B1G1/PipRewards) Richard’s Consulting part Customer Profile Customer jobs • Offering partnership intentions to emerging leaders and those facing significant challenges in rapid growth •Provide clients with professional solutions that may add value and revenue from their perspective •Helping others to learn, inspire and realize the potential of our clients Pains • Consulting firms are afraid of encountering stubborn ideas and not accepting guidance • Customers don’t want to meet people who are not ready to change • Consulting firms are afraid of meeting people who are not committed enough to their commitments Gains •Get more ways to communicate with customers

•Get feedback in a variety of ways •Gain customer trust and long-term relationships Value Proposition Products & Services •Technology Platform •Timely data feedback •Three daily actions •Portable mobile app •Coach’s specific guidance Gain creators •Unique platform content customization services allow companies to work with potential customers from a wider range of industries. •Customized platforms enable consulting firms to achieve higher satisfaction from their clients. Pain relievers •Reduce operational costs by eliminating the need for businesses to pay for redundant features •Platform provides real-time feedback to reduce the risk of service failure for consulting firms. Package optional •Basic services (Basic Functions, 3 daily actions, Free) •Gold services (Includes basic functions + gamification, group chats, feedback from the coach) •New users will be offered a free 30-day trial of the Gold services •Platinum custom service (Platform content customization) •Discounts to long-term customers who subscribe to the customized service Jo’s Mary Baldwin University Pains • •

• Facing difficulties in allowing students and staff to safely return to campus in the post-pandemic era Fundraising from donors to support Mary Baldwin’s cause Relatively low ranking and prestige to attract talents and students Gains Reputation built by the following to acquire and retain students and staff: • Empowered students to have impact on people around them • Students to achieve professional success (to become future leaders in the business) • Inspired staff and students who live with purpose • Diverse and inclusive community of faculty, staff, and students (gender and culture) • • Engaging and supportive alumni Innovative ways of teaching for value creation and meaningful change Sullivan foundation • • Bring together and build a strong network of university attendants Giving community and service-oriented people that make a difference by impacting others Jobs to be done: Mary Balwin University: • Raise Baldwin funds to: o attract and retain students and faculty members o allow experiential learning opportunities such as internships o aiding displaced students • build educational and student support infrastructure to support the transition to online learning

• Adapt the campus to the post-pandemic world Sullivan foundation: Intro: • • • • • • • Sullivan foundation empower service oriented people including uni students citizens who place service to others before themselves Award those having outstanding characters and integrity Support incoming freshmen with Sullivan scholarship Educate students to take on more leadership roles by various workshops Promote emerging leaders at partner universities and private sector Assist young freshmen to clarify their personal goals and ambitions in life Empower youngsters to be changemakers to change the world What’s in it for Cred? • A big and strong network of university and their resources, cred’s products will potentially have large audience and faster recognition • Talents pool: that may bring new blood and opportunity to cred as it grows Products and services • Connect” function: A movement on campus calling for signup to seek and give help between fellow students: As a result, a list of college alumni and contact info categorised by skills and interest can be embedded in the “connect” function for students to reach out

• “Move” function: as keeping physically active is the way of combating fatigue brought by prolonged quarantine, Cred can incorporate participants’ movement data for pre- and peri-pandemic to allow students/staff to see changes; A bonus function during covid: a diary to track of movement/travel/ fieldwork for contact tracing (log the locations, time spent, people interacted, etc. • Focus and attention (support transition of online learning): integrate cred focus function into university course design. Customised focus function(course-related): rating can depend on number of key takeaways remembered. Bonus points are available if checked in twice a day for a month. • Support students diagnosed ADD/ADHD: focus function can be marketed as a mental training for ADD/ADHD students/staff • Fund-raising: Connect with philanthropy activists to raise fund by demonstrating impact made by students and staff(impact can be visualised in power BI and assign points to)

• “Move” as field visits to people who need help (bring food hampers, send cards of cares, and help local disabled people • Broad set of objectives determined by Sullivan fundation(various service tracks: elderly care, health care, Cred dreward for completing some of the tracks, good/bad about it, volunterring opportunities credential • BIGI: have businesses registered on BIGI onboard on Cred’s system to keep track of their contribution in their own way. Report can be generated monthly, quarterly, and yearly to visualize their impact created. • Number of actions created in real-time made visible to every users, each action done will +1 to thePotent total action pool Example packaging: option 1: 30-day challenge as a 30-day trail, afterwards make Cred app permanently available to Sullivan and Mary Balwin for registered users, price per 100 actions taken by officially registered users.

Option 2: For Sullivan foundation, Customize Cred platform to some extent based on the most populuar 10 service areas Standard: Premium: Advanced: Group Meeting Minutes • Feedback on individual partnerships analysis and pricing & packaging models o Education/Training Partners ▪ To look into the 3 actions to incorporate for Digital Village (if possible) ▪ Pricing & Packaging model → to include Brand Name/Logo customization ▪ Potentially can combine with consulting as their end users and intention for using Cred’s platform may be the same – staff’s mental well-being focus o Health & Well-Being Partners ▪ Target users for existing partners are: ➢ User engagement between the organisation partners’ employees with their patients/clients ➢ Progress monitoring/tracking of the patients/clients for the organisation partners’ employees to look at ▪ Target users for potential partners: ➢ Data aggregation → Patients/End user clients – Access to education features (e.g. COVID-19 updates) which will require cooperation with other organisation and developers o Data security and privacy concerns ▪ Pricing and Packaging model → 2 tiers (Basic and Advanced with customization) o Recruitment Partners

▪ Target users (current offering) will be the organisation partner’s own employees – for their staffs wellness monitoring program due to current Pandemic situation (Work-From-Home) to better improve their mental wellbeing and ultimately improve productivity ▪ Target users (potential future offering) will be the organisation partners’ candidates and client companies whom may use the Cred platform either for their own wellness program or to use it as a form of a feedback mechanism and measure their work impact on their social impact focus (e.g. e-Frontiers’ social impact focus is on equality and etc. to able to measure that impact on their work and show on their website would better promote their brand and company’s corporate social responsibility ▪ Pricing and Packaging model → to possibly include customization of the 3 actions o Consulting Partners

▪ To provide the team with more explanation either by recording/text form for better understanding ▪ As mentioned above, it seems that the target users that would be deemed more suitable for this partnership is their actual employees which can be combine with Education/Training Development partners → shall wait for more clarification from Richard on what he thinks on this ▪ Pricing and Packaging model → Additional features (e.g. gamification, group chats, feedbacks from coach, content customization) are something that Cred. will need to look into but are not able to provide/offer currently with their capabilities ➢ Discounts to long-term customers may potentially work similarly to Jo’s Charge-By-Action model approach where 30% return on the sales made upon achieving the Goal – Richard will need to explain in detail on how this potential pricin…

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