Organic Farming Persuasive Speech


For this speech your goal is to persuade/convince the audience to believe in something and to take some action to demonstrate the strength of their belief. Accordingly, your thesis should be stated as a proposition of policy and you should call for a direct and specific course of action from your audience. Your speech should be based on sound reasoning and evidence, must include persuasive emotional appeals, and should display excellent credibility.


  • The speech should be six to seven minutes in length. After the speech is over, be prepared to answer a few questions from the audience for an additional 1-2 minutes.
  • The speech should be well organized using an appropriate organizational pattern.
  • The progression of ideas should be logical and the major points must stand out from the sub-points that develop them.
  • You should try to use valid reasoning, establish your credibility with the audience, and appeal to audience emotions.
  • Your delivery skills are to be the best so far— extemporaneous, conversational, energetic, non-distracting . . . in short, persuasive.
  • Cite 3-5 sources in your speech.
  • You may use a visual aid to help in persuading us, but this is not required.
  • Be prepared to answer questions from the audience after the conclusion of your speech.
  • A full-sentence outline (following the correct format) is to be submitted by the day of your speech. The following elements are to be included and labeled in the margin or where appropriate:

Proposition/Thesis statement
Fully written introduction and conclusion
Transitions between main points
Source citations in the text of the outline
A reference list in proper format with 3-5 published source materials.


  1. Outsourcing
  2. Prayer in schools
  3. Classroom Size [25 or 100]
  4. Suicide should/should not be a human right
  5. Hazing
  6. Intelligent Design/Creationism
  7. Animal Testing
  8. Cosmetic Surgery
  9. Sport teams named after ethnic groups
  10. Cybersex should be illegal
  11. Nuclear Energy
  12. Social Security
  13. Affirmative Action
  14. Importing Labor
  15. Racial Profiling
  16. Home Schooling
  17. Death Penalty/Capital Punishment
  18. Gun Control
  19. Electoral College Voting System
  20. Sexism in Media
  21. Global Warming
  22. Same Sex Marriages
  23. Fraternities/Sororities
  24. Censorship
  25. Alternative Fuels/ Ethanol
  26. General Education Classes
  27. Hands Free law
  28. Open Source Code
  29. College class attendance-taking
  30. Oil drilling in Alaska
  31. Speaking English in America
  32. Assisted Suicide
  33. The Patriot Act
  34. Presidential Pardons
  35. Smoking in public
  36. Public displays of affection [PDAs]
  37. Seat belt laws
  38. Helmet laws
  39. Boxers vs. briefs
  40. Mandatory retirement ages
  41. Speed limits
  42. Vegetarianism
  43. Wearing fur
  44. Paying college athletes
  45. Cosmetic surgery
  46. Wal-Mart
  47. School uniforms
  48. Term limits
  49. Nuclear arms
  50. Microsoft is a big bully
  51. Cost of prescription drugs
  52. Public funding of sports stadiums
  53. Factory farms
  54. Organic farming
  55. Littering
  56. School breakfast programs
  57. Internet gambling
  58. Corporate corruption
  59. Prison over-population
  60. Education in prisons
  61. Drinking more water
  62. Video games and children
  63. The SAT’s
  64. Women’s rights
  65. Children divorcing their parents
  66. Adoption
  67. Minimum wage
  68. Labor unions
  69. Socialized medicine
  70. Community College vs. Four Year College
  71. Military spending
  72. Cloning
  73. Ebonics
  74. Food additives
  75. Are UFO’s real?
  76. Are ghosts real?
  77. Hooters
  78. Polygamy
  79. Gays in the military
  80. Artificial insemination
  81. Tenure for professors
  82. Police corruption
  83. Donating money to charity
  84. Water conservation
  85. Is NASCAR a sport?
  86. Stay at home moms
  87. Breast feeding
  88. Censorship on the radio
  89. Cryogenics
  90. Is Astrology real?
  91. US. policy toward Cuba
  92. Buying products that are made in the US.
  93. Tipping
  94. Cable TV monopolies
  95. Street gangs
  96. Graffiti
  97. Private schools
  98. Media agenda-setting
  99. Eating red meat
  100. Brand name products vs. Generics
  101. Learn CPR
  102. Shop at small stores
  103. Minority scholarships
  104. Textbook prices
  105. Women’s pay rates
  106. Eat more chocolate
  107. Eliminate pennies
  108. Men should wear pink
  109. Meghan’s Law
  110. Downloading/copying copyrighted materials
  111. “Sin” taxes
  112. Home schooling
  113. Child labor
  114. Religious cults
  115. Pitbulls

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