One of The Key Functions of State Governments Is Setting a Budget Discussion Questions

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1. Who has fiduciary responsibility for public sector pension funds? From the internet, find, summarize and send a link to an article or case where it appears that a public sector employee or third party employed by a public sector entity has breached their fiduciary responsibility to a public sector pension fund. Set forth your reasoned opinion regarding the conduct and what the consequences should be for the party(ies) who breached their fiduciary duties and discuss your summaries and opinions with your peers. One rule: Everyone must find a different example.

2. From the internet, find a current situation where a state or local governmental agency, or an agency of the federal government, is involved in an internal budget dispute or a dispute with a funding entity, like the state legislature, the city council, or Congress over the issue of budget accountability, which could include non-conformities with timelines, formats, compliance, and/or measurement of performance. Each student must find an example from a different jurisdiction. Identify the relevant facts pertaining to the dispute, the positions of the parties and your reasoned analysis of the relative merits of their positions. Finally, set forth how you would have avoided and/or would resolve the dispute. Discuss your findings, analyses and recommendations with your peers.