One Child Law in China Culture Children Population Discussion


First: Read the article then write what did you found on it? and what did you understand ?

Second: write one reply for each peers’s post: 

first peer post: 

First off I found it very interesting that most Chinese people also have english names. I did not realize this. Even more surprising their teachers choose their english names for them when they get into school. I find the chinese calendar very interesting. It shows how some cultures place a much higher importance on the symbolism of animals. I wasn’t surprised to read that she is an only child. I have looked into the cost of having children in China even now that the one child law has been lifted and it is extremely expensive. I enjoy how they have their break from school over the chinese new year. I did not realize it but it also does not surpise me since almost all business stops during this time. I was surprised that she was only allowed to watch television one hour per day. Today’s childern in the U.S. would think that was torture to limit them that much. I didn’t realize how health concious the chinese people are. I think that it is a good thing that her parents are limiting how much soda she is allowed to drink. I enjoyed hearing about her breakfast of gruel. This is something I have never heard about before. I would love to try this some day. It sounds like it is similar to a pourage.

Second peer post: 

I never knew that Chinese students also had English names. I wonder why they get the certain names that they do. I think it is insane the amount of education and training that these students go through, but it is something that pays off and they will use everyday. I couldn’t imagine going to school on Saturday’s as well as learning 4 hours of another language every Sunday. It is a lot of learning but they will learn the English language quick. I think it is great that these children are learning more than one language at such a young age. I think it is sad that it is the most common thing to only have one child in China because I can’t imagine how much different my life would be if I didn’t have siblings. I used to comment a lot on these books about how its great that families are so close and how it is great that grandparents or other extended family live with or right next to each other, but I feel like it’s more common than not in the world. In America, it is so common to move out at an early age and move far away sometimes. I do not live close to my family so this is something I notice a lot in these books. I think it is really cool that Judy enjoys going to Disneyland and has the chance to do that often. Lastly, I think it is really sweet that instead of birthday gifts, her and her family donate to charities. This is something I wouldn’t have thought of at a young age because I always wanted toys or other gifts for my birthday. I think that is very special for a child to do and cherish.

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