Non profit Organizations Communication Response

Question Description

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate YOURinsight and critical thinking in response to our course material this week. You may accomplish this in a number of ways…

  • Personal or other real-world examples (with additional explanation)
  • Commentary or critique…question or problematize something we discussed this week
  • Link to a relevant video or article (with additional explanation)
  • Questions for further consideration
  • Exploring further implications of various ideas
  • Other comments that indicate the depth of your understanding of the course material

…but NOT by merely summarizing or restating the course material.

You may respond to the optional prompt OR some other aspect of the weekly material that interests you. Overall, the goal is to show that you have been thinking critically about some aspect of our weekly course material and that you can develop some insights that are distinctly yours…we’re looking for your original thinking in response to the course material this week.

Please use attached power points

Your response should be insightful but also concise (200-400 words, 2-3 paragraphs)

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