Nike Cisco Tesco Case Studies Questions


  • We will utilize the case studies within the textbook to help broaden our marketing knowledge and introduce more research into the subject matter.

With the case studies, you will be able to select the case study you would like to research from our chapter readings this week (chapters 1, 2, and 5).

For chapter 1, select between Nike (Answer Questions 1 & 2) or Google (Answer Questions 1 & 2).
For chapter 2, select between Cisco (Answer Questions 1 & 2) or Intel (Answer Questions 1 & 2).
For chapter 5, select between Nordstrom (Answer Questions 1 & 2) or  Tesco (Answer Questions 1 & 2).

  • After you answer the questions from each selected case study, then include a personal reflection on the case study topic; ensure to make a clear connection(s) between what is learned from the topic and that you demonstrate further analysis and/or insight.
  • Your answer(s) should include a citation from the textbook and your reflection should be supported by a scholarly peer-reviewed article to assist with the analysis and/or insight of the topic.

All cases can be in one document and ensure to label each case study

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