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Please download the document listed above. These are the directions for the direct approach letter you will write. You will produce the document using letterhead, correct business letter format, and the direct approach content strategy. Please watch the two videos for March 15 on the home page. One video describes in detail how to do direct approach. The second video describes in detail how to set up correct business letter format.

This assignment is 100 points. Fifty percent of the grade will be devoted to producing perfect business letter format; the other 50% will be devoted to correctly utilizing the direct approach content strategy. I urge you to watch the March 15 videos again to make sure you understand both content and format of direct approach business letters.

You are a Customer Service Agent who works for NCP, New Century Properties, in Salem, Massachusetts. Your company specializes in managing commercial real estate. Yesterday one of your business tenants in the trendy NW 23rd neighborhood complained about problems with an iron gate you had installed by Castle Iron Works just six months earlier. Apparently, the two doors of the gate have settled and don’t match in height. The gate gets stuck. It takes much force to open, close, and lock the gate. The iron gate was painted, and in some spots rust is bleeding onto the previously pristine white paint. The tenant at this building with the faulty gate – which is 921 NW 23rd Ave., Salem, MA 97210 — is a petite shop owner, who complained to you about struggling with the gate at least twice a day when opening and closing her store. You always listen to complaints. You realize that you will have to contact your installer, Castle Iron Works, and request that the company inspect the gate and remedy the problem. Only six months have passed, and you recall that the warranty for the gate was for one year. So you have to act now to have Castle Iron Works remedy the situation. Address your letter to Van Phan Luong at Castle Iron Works, 2255 NW Yeon Avenue in Salem, MA 97210. To jog his memory, you will enclose a copy of his company’s proposal/invoice. Your phone is (503) 335-5443 and fax (503) 335-5001.

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