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1 CM 321_A1 Summer 1, 2021 Dr. Y. Grace Ji Situation Analysis Instructions (Deadline: Monday, June 21st, before class) Each student is to conduct secondary research on an organizational issue of your interest and hand in a four-page (excluding the reference page) Situation Analysis citing at least six sources. You might select an organization that have both your interest and of which you have some firsthand knowledge. For example, you may select a business, nonprofit organization, or client you currently work for or have previously been involved with. You can also select an issue related to the college or university you attend or have attended. Purpose of the assignment: 1) expose you to a variety of print and electronic resources, 2) develop your skills in locating, critically evaluating, and selecting the most important and appropriate sources for formative research, 3) train your skills in synthesizing secondary research data and express critical thoughts in a concise written format, 4) highlight the importance of properly citing sources for research work.

The specific requirements are as follows: 1. Your Situation Analysis will consist of the sources you have deemed relevant to your selected organization and issue. While you may encounter sources that are not relevant or do not fit the scope of your project while researching, for the purposes of this assignment, you will only include the ones that you find useful and relevant. 2. Each researcher needs to locate at least six relevant sources. Among the six sources, you should cite at least one article/information from each of the following types of sources: peerreviewed journal articles (or scholarly publications), industry/business/government databases (e.g., Mergent Online and U.S. census database), and trade publications (e.g., Adweek and PRWeek). 3. Cite the sources in proper APA 7th edition format for both in-text and after-text citations. A reference page should be provided with sources listed in alphabetical order by the first author’s last name. 4. A checklist is presented in the appendix. Use this checklist to the extent that the items can help you better understand the situation facing your organization. Your analysis must address each of the Basic Questions.

Careful consideration of these may satisfy your informational needs. You also may find it helpful to address the complete set of Expanded Questions. If some of these Expanded Questions do not seem to fit your research context, skip over them. The analysis can look like the sections of “Situation Analysis” and “Secondary Research” from the “Home is the bedrock of success” campaign we discussed in class. However, yours need to be much more thorough and written in complete sentences and paragraphs with citations and references. Do NOT use bullet points. Assignment format requirements: CM 321_A1 Summer 1, 2021 Dr. Y. Grace Ji • APA Style 7th edition for in-text citations and references • Microsoft Word Document file (Do NOT use Mac’s Pages App) • Times New Roman font • 12-point type • 1-inch margins • Double-spaced • Write in completed sentences and paragraphs • Use your own words 2 3 CM 321_A1 Summer 1, 2021 Dr. Y. Grace Ji Appendix Checklist Basic Questions: What is the situation facing the organization? What is the background of the situation? What is the significance or importance of the situation?

Expanded Secondary Research Questions: 1. Background on the issue a. Is this the first time having this issue? b. What is the cause of the situation? c. What is the history of this situation? d. What are the important facts related to this situation? e. Does the situation affect the organization’s relationships with other groups? Which groups? 2. Consequences of the situation a. How important is this situation to the organization’s mission? Why? b. How serious is a response warranted to this situation? c. What is likely the duration of this situation? d. Who or what is affected by this situation? e. What predictions or trends are associated with this situation? f. What potential impact can this situation make on the organization’s mission? g. Is this an obstacle or an opportunity to the organization? Why? If you consider this an obstacle, how might you turn it into an opportunity? 3. Resolution of the situation a. Might communication efforts affect how this situation is resolved? b. What priority does this situation hold for the communication staff and for the organization’s top management? c. How strong is the organization’s commitment to resolving this situation?

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