Machine Learning Personalized Marketing Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation should be at least 15 slides excluding the cover and reference pages.

Topic should be Machine learning personalized marketing.


Cover: The project cover page is used to record and present important information about a project.

2. Executive summary: An executive summary is the first section of a business plan and often written last, after the entire plan has been finalized.

3. Problem statement: A problem statement is a concise description of the problem or issues a project seeks to address.

4. Definition of term: Project Term means the periodbeginning on the Project Start Date and ending on the Project End Date. Any renewal of the Project or extension of the Project End Date shall be negotiated by the parties at least ninety (90) days before the Project End Date and shall be effective when agreed in writing.

5. Project scope: A project scope is a documented statement of everything that goes into making a project successful.

6. Project requirements: Project requirements are conditions or tasks that must be completed to ensure the success or completion of the project.

7. Project analysis: The project analysis model describes a project planning problems and solutions.

8. Project steps: The project definition is organized into three parts: the hierarchy definition, project controls, and language definitions.

9. Project design: project design is consisting of these following steps below.

State the Vision.

Identify the Problem.

Assess Resources

Establish Project Goals

Select a Project Strategy

Plan for Contingency

Design an Evaluation Plan


Write the Proposal.

10. Project implementation: when project ready, then it is now time to put the plan into action, where all such actions take place.

11. Project results: Project results are the changes or effects expected to take place after implementing the project.

12. Project results analysis: he objective for calculating Work in Process (WIP) is to determine the value of manufacturing activity in process at the end of a fiscal period.

13. Project documentation: Project documentation is the process of recording the key project details and producing the documents that are required to implement it successfully.

14. Question: do not ask questions if you have asked.

15. Reference: something referred, esp. proceedings submitted to a referee in law. 

Explanation & Answer length: 15 slides.

Executive summary • iEARN (International Education and Resource Network), the world’s largest, most experienced online K-12 non-profit network that enables young people worldwide to use the Internet and digital media to collaborate on educational projects. Their stakeholders include program coordinators, students, and teachers who register in their online community, Collaboration Center, where an interactive curriculum-based groups meet to create, research, and share opinions. Problem statement • Post COVID pandemic, iEARN online educational community got funds to scale up their concept from 50,000 Educators and 1M youth and expand to all countries in the world preserving stakeholder satisfaction, and displaying their impact in the world. The organization will have to present the impact dashboard that will prove funds investment got allocated into the right tools. Currently, they use Salesforce CRM to collect Student and Teacher data which is being synchronized back and forth between the Collaboration Center and Salesforce. Their marketing efforts so far included sending email blasts to their stakeholders asking them for referrals. Terms definition • Salesforce CRM – Customer

Relationship Management system where constituent data is being stored. Giving organizations 360 overview of people they are interacting with. • Marketing Cloud – Understands users behavior, personalized marketing communication. Uses actions powered by AI to find new target audiences, reaching them with the right message, in the right tone, at the perfect time and place. • Einstein Analytics – predictive analytics tool powered by AI. Used for data exploration, visualization, and getting insight for business. • scope • this is an ambitious goal that will take years of trail & optimization. For iEARN to succeed in scaling up while keeping their constituents happy and providing an impact chart, we’ll need to connect all data sources in one source of truth, hence, use the data from the system to personalize iEARNs content toward user behavior. • As collaboration center is feeding all the data into Salesforce CRM, we’ve decided to go with Salesforce ecosystem set of tools for most seamless integration and performance. • Marketing Cloud will be implemented to support marketing efforts that will help iERAN discover and target new audience segments, helping organization scale. Within the Marketing Cloud we’ll be able to setup a specific set of criteria to segment the audience based on specific attributes (i.e. location), therefore, keeping the users happy.

• Einstein Analytics will be implemented to crunch all the complex data gathered in Salesforce and provide deeper insights for organizational decision making. iEARN will be able to aggregate results of their marketing efforts, as well as user satisfaction, to be presented in a dashboard that will prove organizational impact across the world. requirements • Project requirements in this project is focused on analyzing the data and implement the respective technology based on data and application. While analyzing the project, the main requirements gathered are 1. Implement and integrate Marketing Could 1. 2. Implement and integrate Einstein Analytics Gather what type of data is sued in the above applications of AI(Include) Analysis • Project Analysis deals with the analyzation of the data from the data sets that are important and stored in iEARN’s CRM. Data sets can critically contain stakeholder, teachers and students. Many things are analyzed and they include business analysis,functional and non functional analysis, budget analysis and environment .

• Analyze Cleaning up data duplicate management in Salesforce • Install Marketing Cloud • Install Einstein • Sync up the three system (integrate) • Please include analysis of different AI application in Marketing cloud and Einstein like diff type of data used for diff analysis attach screenshots(include) Project Steps • What are the steps included for marketing cloud and AI to execute the project scope with AI (include) Design • (@@@For design google following: Marketing cloud Email Studio, Marketing cloud Journey Builder, Marketing cloud Advertising Studio, or Marketing cloud Audience Builder) — this supports Einstein Engagement Scoring product we are implementing • Include above info with respect to AI Implementation • During this time and age as you can see, having artificial intelligence tool on your side will provide you several benefits to our digital marketing strategy. Now a days AI is the new face of productivity, better efficiency, and profitability by implementing such tools given below.

• Cognitive Cloud: Cognitive computing pertains to technology platforms that are designed on the principles of AI and signal processing The cloud stores massive amounts of data and worldwide used, can make cognitive computing applications accessible for the common mass. • Chatbots: When integrated with the cloud, chatbots and smart personal assistants will have a vast pool of data at their disposal to learn from. • AI-as-a-Service: Alas offers customers a host of AI tools and functionalities required for AI/ML model building, intelligent automation, cognitive computing. Write points about implementing above applications using AI in marketing cloud and Einstein Project results • @marketing cloud dashboard • @Einstain AI dashboard • What are the results obtained by using AI Project result Analysis • Write the analysis Project documentation • Include documentation using the above the methods and AI techniques Questions Recommendations • Any recommendation for the education industry with the usage of References.

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