Machine Learning Discussion Paper

Question Description

Machine learning is a growing field and important for marketers to understand. Machine learning involves both analytics and computer science. In this course, we focus more on analytical foundations and frameworks and not computer science. However, for this discussion I am asking you to explore some key concepts around machine learning.

Please read the following 4 articles: (Links to an external site.)… (Links to an external site.)

This article is a bit dated, but it gives a great overview and the concepts are still relevant. It’s especially helpful if you have limited exposure to machine learning.… (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

This article is brief, but it helps tie machine learning directly to marketing.

Discussion Assignment

Step 1: By EOD Friday, 6/25

Identify one of the most significant ideas from the readings, illustrated by a quote or passage that you find particularly insightful from either article. In a new thread, use 150-250 words to explain why you found it to be particularly insightful.

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