Looking at Your Life Through an Organizational Behavior Lens Diagnosis Paper


The objective of the diagnosis paper is to give you some practice in looking at your life through an organizational behavior lens.

For this assignment, you will reflect on an organizational problem that you experienced regarding Leadership. You can write about an experience:

  • at a summer job, on a sports team
  • a schoolwork-group or, 
  • any other situation in which you worked with other people for the purposes of completing a collective task.

Once you have selected an organizational problem from your past, you should: 

1. Describe and diagnose the problem using concepts from the course

2. Outline the factors that contributed to the situation

3. Discuss how the concepts could have helped you and/or others deal with the situation more effectively.

Explanation & Answer length: 2 pages.

My experience is in a school sports team where we lacked leadership and no direction. We were supposed to train ourselves, and it wasn’t easy to manage without an instructor. Everyone did what he deserved, and there were no proper coordination skills in the team. There were no set goals for the team, and we did not have adequate communication skills. There was no feedback, and the unit was disintegrated. We lacked the skills to play Tennis, and each one of us played in his design and style, and due to this disintegration, there were no results produced at the end of the day.

We were ineffective, and there were no goals and objectives set for our game. Everyone did what he thought was the best for him, and we could no really be called a team but people with no common goal and direction. It became hard for the team to get a coach who could offer better team skills. This led to poor performance in competition as the poor team lost in all matches, and we were disqualified for regional competition. This raised a concern why the school could not afford to find a coach that would train us to achieve the best results. It was evident that coaches failed to accept the job offer due to low compensation.

The school could not offer benefits such as housing and medical coverage for the coaches. It was also evident that the school had downsized six coaches for not performing in one year, but this resulted from inadequate resources and materials for training. Employees were struggling since they could stay for months without being paid as the institution claimed that it did not have enough resources to pay them. It became difficult even to increase their salaries. Using the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, the coaches and the players were denied the social needs where they could not interact with other players and coaches from other institutions and share the experiences.

They were also denied the self-esteem needs, which included self-confidence, competence, and achievement. Finally, the self-actualization needs are not met since the team could not fulfill their dreams. Using the hierarchy of needs theory, the school will be able to solve this problem. The institution will be able to prioritize items depending on the need. Some of the institution’s items are giving more weight than others, and they do not have much impact on the institution, leading to poor allocation of resources. Using this theory, the institution will be able to have money to allocate to the sports department since it is a necessity to the students for nurturing talents and skills.

The institution will also have enough resources for its employees since employees determine an organization’s success. Human resource is a basic need, and enough resources need to be budgeted for their salaries and offering some allowances (Zalenski & Raspa, 2016). The Two Factor theory was also applicable in this scenario. The hygiene and the motivation factors were not considered in the institution. The hygiene factors include compensation, job security, and relationships with supervisors. In this scenario, the employees are poorly compensated, and their jobs are terminated at any time; therefore, their job security is not guaranteed.

The supervisors have also been harsh to the coaches, especially when the team fails to win, which demotivates the coaches. Some of the motivation factors discussed in this theory include recognition, growth, responsibilities, and advancement. The skills and talents of the students are not considered for growth. The employees are not recognized as part of success in the organization, and their views are not considered. This theory can help the organization to understand the motivation and hygiene factors that lead to better performance.

While making the decisions, the organization should consider the employees’ views. The employees’ jobs should be secured to minimize the job stress among the employees (Olejniczak & Yasuyuki, 2014). References Olejniczak, T., & Yasuyuki, K. (2014). Bureaucracy and Culture: Toward Two-Factor Theory of Organizational Control. Management And Business Administration. Central Europe, 22(1), 70-87. https://doi.org/10.7206/mba.ce.2084-3356.91 Zalenski, R., & Raspa, R. (2016). Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: A Framework for Achieving Human Potential in Hospice. Journal https://doi.org/10.1089/jpm.2006.9.1120 Of Palliative Medicine, 9(5), 1120-1127. Stephen P. Robbins | Timothy A. Judge ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 18TH EDITION P Pearson 12.1: Trait Theories 12.2: Behavioral Theories 12.3: Contingency Theories < 12.4: Contemporary Theories of Leadership < 12.5: Responsible Leadership v 12.6: Positive Leadership < 12.7: Challenges to Our Understanding of Leadership < Diagnoses Paper General Feedback • MLA Format Headings • Theories >Use theories to discuss/explain experiences > Maslow’s Hierarchy Example >McClelland’s Theory Example Length ► 2-3 pages in length ► Paragraph Spacing • Grammar D It F Fr It Frc Tel stre

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