Listening and Hearing & Communication Practices Questions


Answer 5 of the following 6 questions in as much detail as possible. Do not answer more than 5.


  1. As we saw in the conflict scenario from The Office, there are strategies for achieving more amicable conflict resolution (they just weren’t followed very well in that clip). If you were in such a scenario, describe how you might reach a “win-win” resolution to the conflict and what kind of language you would use to present your feelings in the situation.
  2. Explain the difference between listening and hearing and come up with an example of a personal interaction between two or more people that models the principles of listening well. 
  3. What does it mean to refer to “mainstream” culture and to “marginalized” social communities? Give an example of how we might understand this distinction and why it matters.
  4. Why have scholars of human relationships concluded that relationships are “dialectical?” What are some forms of “dialectics” in relationships?
  5. Based on the research we discussed in class, explain at least two different ways in which communication practices differ based on cultural context. For instance, these might include approaches to relationships, patterns of interaction, or perceptions of social norms.
  6. How would you persuade a coworker to stop trying to “multitask?” Imagine for this answer that your coworker has a lot of faith in science, so you should especially try to refer to scientific principles in your attempt to convince them.

Explanation & Answer length: 5 Questions.

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