Joliet Junior College Best Mans Toast Speech

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1) Imagine that you have just been asked to be the Maid of Honor or the Best Man for your best friend’s upcoming wedding. As part of this request you must give a 2 to 3 minute toast at the reception to honor your best friend and his/her new spouse. 2) Another idea would be to toast to a special occasion. For example, a new baby, a new job or a promotion, an anniversary, a birthday, etc. This would also need to be 2-3 minutes. This must be done with a mature, appropriate and ethical attitude. Be as professional and creative as possible.

Speech 101 Sample Outline Format for Persuasive Speech Monroe’s Motivated Sequence INTRODUCTION Attention Step I. II. III. IV. I. Statement or method to gain attention of the audience. II. State your purpose/thesis statement III. Arouse interest IV. Establish qualifications Transitional Sentence: BODY Showing the Need I. V. A. B. C. Statement of Need/problem A. Support of details of need B. Statement showing significance of need C. Support or details of significance of need Transitional Sentence: Satisfying the Need A. VI. Statement of Solution B. A. Details of solution C. B. Support or details 1. more support 2. give an example A. C. Additional support or details Transitional Sentence: Visualization A. VII. Statement indicating how the solution affects the listener B. A. Statement indicating how listeners fit into the solution 1. Details of solution a. more support b. more support 2. Details of solution A. B. Explain benefits to listener 1. details of benefits 2. details of benefits A. C. Additional support or details Transitional Sentence: CONCLUSION Requesting Action A. VIII. B. A. C. B. Statement indicating the action requested Summary or review of main ideas Final appeal or statement which ends in a memorable way. References (in APA format)

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