Issue of Freedom Speech and Press in Rusia Presentation

Question Description

Students will be assigned projects organized by countries. Each student will be assigned a topic/element from the list below. These topics/elements correspond to those that we have covered throughout the course which outlined and defined media.

Each student will then present their assigned topic/element as it plays out in the media of the specific country that has been assigned. In other words, each student is assigned a specific country and each student is also assigned a specific topic/element.

  • For example, you may be assigned Australian media and individually you were assigned to journalism/censorship as a topic/element. So, you will be reporting on how the topic/element of journalism/censorship plays out in Australian media

Each student will create a Web page or PowerPoint presentation outlining, the characteristics of the media by assigned topic/element and country. The student should be as creative as possible.

  • The projects, submitted individually, should include each element covered, along with all references used for the project listed by element (web pages with addresses, articles or textbooks used, etc.).

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