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Throughout the past seven weeks, you have been creating a social media marketing  plan for the launch of Apple’s iShirt campaign. Alongside your presentation for Mr.Cook,  Cherie has asked that you submit the finalized SMMP.  Instructions: Please submit all six Phases of the social media marketing plan as a complete  document. Include any revisions from the instructor feedback provided in Units 2-7 that  would enhance your paper.  • Create a cover page summarizing the campaign in one paragraph. • Please include the completed content calendar and SWOT analysis in the  document. : 

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Threats List Apple’s Strengths 1. Strong brand identity, which the firm has crafted and developed over time since its inception. 2. Sound financial performance with robust cash flows. Its revenues have grown tremendously during the past years, making it one of the successful companies in the globe. 3. Apple has an amazing software and OS that is regarded versatile and which has resulted in the firm’s adaptability and reputation. Its UI is outstanding and one that gives its user reliable convenience and elevated user experience (Khan et al., 2015). List Apple’s Opportunities 1. Rising technological integration in its industry – which Apple can take advantage and increase its competitive edge and market share. 2. Increasing cloud computing demand from customers – there is an increasing number of people looking for cloud-based devices and services and Apple can take advantage of this market. 3. Rapidly increasing mobile market for improved products – this area presents a potential market that can drive Apple’s brand image and grow its profits (Johnson et al., 2012).

• Campaign Goals: 1. To create and promote a solid social media strategy for Apple – The Company’s current social media and marketing is weak on most platforms. An effective social media strategy will increase traffic and engage the growing number of users in different platforms. 2. To drive traffic to Apple’s website and social media hurdles – this step will increase the brand’s presence on social media while driving visitors to its website who may turn into its customers. 3. To increase Apple’s brand awareness through leveraging on its current social media and engage users efficiently. 4. To general new and more leads – it is one way of warming up the company’s current and potential customers to its business and have them on the path (sales conduit) to using most of the firm’s products. References Khan, U. A., Alam, M. N., & Alam, S. (2015).

A critical analysis of internal and external environment of Apple Inc. International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management, 3(6), 955-961. Johnson, K., Li, Y., Phan, H., Singer, J., & Trinh, H. (2012). The Innovative Success that is Apple, Inc. Phase One 1 Phase One Jennifer Bennett Post University Phase One 2 Phase One • Purpose & Scope: Apple is a well-established company in the tech industry, and over its 25+ years of existence, it has produced revolutionary products. Under this review, Apple is seeking to break into the fashion industry by introducing an iShirt. The product is to be introduced to the market through a social media marketing plan. The purpose of the social media marketing plan is to create awareness and promote the iShirt to its intended customers through social media platforms. The iShirts are high-quality designer shirts that are to be traded under Apple’s brand.

The target market, in this case, is the millennials. Targeting millennials is that they are part of the population with the highest number of social media users. Through social media marketing, billions of users will be accessed and made aware of the new Apple product regardless of their location. In addition to many social media users, the millennials are attracted to luxury mainly due to the generation’s buzz of seeking attention on social media through personal posts. Since Apple is an already recognized brand worldwide, it will be easier to gain customer trust. Thus, the product will revolutionize the fashion industry through the Apple designer shirts, which are important in enhancing the social media experiences of the millennials. • Current Social Media Presence: Apple is an active social media user already; they have various social media platforms on different social media handles, which are meant to enhance their relationship with their customers. Even though they have other marketing strategies, the various social media platforms enhance their existing marketing approach. Apple has social media accounts with Phase One the likes of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. On Twitter, the company has over six million followers with whom it engages in Apple-related promotions and online customer engagement on matters concerning Apple and its Twitter users.

Apple also has a huge following on Instagram, and the company’s Instagram account has over twenty-five million followers. Apple has over fourteen million subscribers who follow closely on the company’s product launches and other related Apple activities on YouTube. The company also has a Facebook account with close to fifteen million followers. On Facebook, Apple shares content about its various products with its customers. In addition to sharing Facebook posts about their products, the company also runs Facebook-based promotional advertisements that reach out to more audiences on Facebook besides their followers. • Target Demographics: Market demographics provide specific categorization of the target consumers in a market. Even though the iShirt targets the millennials, a close evaluation of the market based on the demographics gives a clearer understanding of the precise customers among the millennials, the product and company are targeting.

Therefore, the demographics segmentation, in this case, is based on factors like age, gender, and income level. Out of the millions of followers on the various social media handles run by Apple and other billions of social media users. They interact with Apple promotions on social media, the company and its new fashion product target the millennials. Therefore, the age of the target group is for individuals aged approximately thirty-nine years and below. Statistically, millennials are the largest group using social media; thus, it will be easier to communicate and pass across information regarding the 3 Phase One 4 product easily on social media platforms (Sponaugle, 2019). In terms of gender, the shirts are for both genders. Both the male and female genders can wear them; hence all the millennials aged below forty, regardless of sex, are customers of the new product. Another demographic is that the product is targeting the employed section of the millennials. The shirts are suitable to wear attending working, especially board meetings, including stakeholders gathering.

• Recommended Social Networks: The social media platforms reviewed are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The target customer for the iShirts is the millennials because of their widespread use of social media platforms and their love for luxury outfits. The two main considerations before settling on the most appropriate social media platform to carry out launch campaigns for the new Apple fashion product will be the ease in communicating with millennials and the audience base on the platform in the form of a total number of followers. Millennials are social media lovers, and they make up most users of social media platforms by numbers. Therefore, it is easier communicating with them more conveniently in large numbers via social media. Due to the huge presence of millennials on social media, it becomes easier to create product awareness among the target section of the consumers.

Out of the four outlined social media handles operated by Apple, Instagram is the appropriate platform for the iShirt launch. That is because of the total number of following. Apple’s Instagram handle has over twenty-five million followers. Therefore, more awareness about the iShirt product can be created more conveniently on the Instagram page because of a larger audience. Also, Instagram allows paid promotional services to engage other Instagram users through the platform’s algorithm. Phase One 5 Reference Sponaugle, S. (2019). Communicating Across Generations. Economic Development Journal / WinterVolume 18 Number 1 MKT235 – Social Media Marketing Running Head: APPLE COMPANY GOALS Apple Company goals Jennifer Bennett Post University 1 2 APPLE COMPANY GOALS SWOT Analysis S W O T Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats List Apple’s Strengths List Apple’s Opportunities

• Most valuable brand. • Loyal customers. • The company is one of the leading in technology application. • The launch of the ITV is the other strength. • The team conducts proficient research about the market (Magwizi, 2020). • This company has a high likelihood to collaborate with other successful companies due to its image. • This company has a high profit margin based on the quality and premium pricing of its products. • The increased demand for cloudbased services (Vasilaki & Tsakalidis, • Due to the rapid innovation processes and high technological innovation, the rate of growth recorded in this firm has notably grown. • • The launch of new products improves how the community perceives them. 2019). Additionally, the growth in the advertisement market will benefit this firm. 3 APPLE COMPANY GOALS

• Campaign Goals: In their social media campaign, competition from the other companies should be the primary concern to address. This focus will enable this company to focus on strategies that will change how the other participants in this market view apple and its abilities (Moore & Tambini, 2018). Despite being successful in its goals and how it undertakes some of the practices meant to catapult it, the competition makes it challenging for most people to believe in the validity of its electronic products. Therefore, this company will need to develop a social media marketing tool that will change the mentality of the members of this community. The other goal that this company will need to focus on to change the landscape needs to focus on improved productivity. The increased productivity rate within this company will address the current demand and make it possible for the larger community served by apple to see this company as the leading producer and distributor of electronic products. Phase 2 In the phase 2 part of the paper, the goal will focus on the measures that will change the current social media presence.

Not all people within the target market can access the iShirts and other marketing tools to increase their knowledge concerning this company. For this reason, focusing on some of the methods that will change how the community know this company and the validity of most of the offered products. The millennials are the central target communities for the iShirts and the other current product promotion methods meant to increase the level of 4 APPLE COMPANY GOALS growth of this company. However, in this phase, making the target group larger will change the landscape of this company, therefore, making it more successful compared to the other organizations in this industry. Most of the initiatives that this company mainly makes are aimed at increasing the sales volume made in the firm and making the community learn more concerning this firm. However, changing this mentality and showing society that the company is focused on designing products.

Despite the high rate at which the current technology developments have benefited this company and increased the growth rate, focusing on other ways that the social media tools can improve how society sees it will be a unique way to improve the company’s attainment of the mentioned goals. The company encountered increased financial spending about the current marketing tools. However, with the development of these social media marketing tools and giving the community a chance to make the necessary suggestion, it will be relatively easy for the marketing team and other managerial stakeholders to cut down the costs that the company experiences. 5 APPLE COMPANY GOALS References Magwizi, C. N. (2020).

An investigation of operational management in the organization, on the example of the Apple Computer, Inc (Master’s thesis, Тернопільський національний технічний університет імені Івана Пулюя). Moore, M., & Tambini, D. (Eds.). (2018). Digital dominance: the power of Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple. Oxford University Press. Vasilaki, M., & Tsakalidis Jr, G. (2019). Apple Inc. Equity Valuation. Phase 4 1 SMMP Phase 4: Develop the Content Strategy Jennifer Bennett Post University Phase 4 2 Develop the Content Strategy After developing the iShirt social media marketing plan campaign goals, the marketing vice president has requested marketing efforts for the outfit to begin a week before the product launch and three weeks after. Therefore, part of the content strategy includes the content to be shared on the various social media platforms and their source. In the case of the iShirt under review, the type of content to be shared will involve three forms: infographics, short videos, and blogs about the product.

In the case of infographics, it will contain content relating to the iShirt product in a way that is engaging to the audience. The reason behind choosing infographics as one of the types of content to be used in this product’s content strategy is based on its popularity, and it also allows one to present a great deal of information to the viewer in creative ways that can engage the audience, enable them to digest the content and share it widely. Another form of content to be shared will be in the form of videos. The team will share short, engaging videos about the product on various platforms. The reason behind the use of video content is based on the benefits that come with the use of videos. Through the short, entertaining videos about the product, the team will engage the audience in various ways; for instance, posting the video will allow the audience to give their reactions in the comment section below the posts, which engages the audience. Also, the video content will be shared freely by the audience, creating more awareness about the product.]

The marketing team will post videos a week before the product launch, and the marketing team will post more video content three weeks after the product launch. The third type of content that the marketing team will share about the Apple shirt will be blogged. The nature of blogs needs to be developed to be accurate and provide information engagingly needed by the reader. The marketing team will also make blog posts on the various social media handles to continue promoting the iShirt. The various content shared through the three types of content will be Phase 4 3 sourced from platforms like the Facebook fan page, YouTube, and even Twitter search to ensure that the content being shared is what the audience needs. Platform Prioritization During the first phase of the social media marketing plan for the iShirt, several social media platforms were highlighted including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

However, under the content strategy, there needs to be prioritization of the platforms to have a more strategic audience engagement. In this case, the various social media platforms are prioritized based on the scale and identity of their users. Therefore, the social media platforms fall under the first-tier, second-tier, and third-tier categories. With the first tier, the criteria for selecting the platform to be used under the first tier is based on the scale of its users and user engagement, and the identity of the users. In this case, the marketing team will share content shared under the first-tier category on Facebook. Facebook, of all the mentioned social media platforms, has the highest engagement and sits users mainly using real identities (Salem & Mourtada, 2011). The second-tier platform has a fair number of users, and its audience has a relatively good number of users with real identities. In this case, the social media platform under the second tier would be Instagram, which is based on its engagement level and user identity.

Even though the third-tier platform is not much needed, it will be used for supplemental purposes. That is because it has a relatively lower engagement scale and its users mainly hide behind fake identities. In this case, the platform used will be Twitter. Thus, the marketing team will use the various platforms to make posts a week before the iShirt launch and three weeks after. Phase 4 4 Reference Salem, F. & Mourtada, R. (2011). Facebook Usage: Factors and Analysis. Aran Social Media Report Series. Phase 3 1 Phase 3: Creating an Influencer Strategy Jennifer Bennett Post University Phase 3 2 Phase 3: Creating an Influencer Strategy Apple iShirt marketing needs to be taken to the next level. Therefore, under Phase three of the project, the emphasis is on developing an influencer strategy for the product. Part of the discussion includes a description of the three influencers that need to be picked for the campaign, the company’s goal for the partnership, and why the proposal chose the three influencers for the iShirt campaign.

The Three Influencers that Apple Needs to Chose The iShirt product that Apple has chosen is different from their typical tech industry; therefore, proper awareness creation strategies need to be adhered to see the iShirt succeed despite its success in the technology world. The product targets millennials, and thus, the influencers used in this case need to fall under a similar category and share similar interests. The three influencers that are fit for this role include; Julie Sarinana; as an influencer, Julie has n Instagram following of over five million, and most importantly, she has an interest in fashion and has taken part in numerous fashion travels in over ten countries. The second influencer suitable for this role is Kelsey Calemine, and that is based on her Instagram following as well. Kelsey has two million followers as an influencer and is also a fashion enthusiast based on her posts. Her inclusion as one of the influencers, in this case, will attract more interest from fellow millennials, who are the target market in this case (Stankova & Kuchta, 2020).

The third influencer that Apple needs to include in the shirt campaign is Luka Sabbat, who has over one million followers on Instagram and works as a designer and art director. His interest in modeling and fashion makes him suitable for the role. His experience working with other fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger is key in taking iShirt to higher levels. Phase 3 3 Apple’s Goals for these Partnerships The reasons behind the partnership between Apple and the three influencers mentioned in the preceding section are based on the company’s goals concerning the iShirt product. The product is first from Apple under the fashion industry; hence, one goal is to create awareness among the target market about the new fashion product. Even though Apple is successful, the iShirt picks on a different market and is competitive; hence the partnership is intended to promote the iShirt and create more awareness which will, in turn, grow the product’s market share especially amongst the millennials. The promotion campaigns that the influencers will run will build more brand awareness.

Since the iShirt is authentic and a stylish outfit, Apple will gain customer loyalty because of the partnerships. Why the Three Influencers Were Chosen to Represent Apple There are numerous influencers out there with more celebrity caliber compared to the ones chosen in this case; however, the main reasons for opting for the three influencers is based on the reason that they specialize in influencing fashion-related promotions, and that is enough experience to take Apple’s shirt to another level. The other reason is based on the number of social media following they command on their respective pages. All three influencers have followers of at least one million. Considering they are known for fashion…

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