Integrated Marketing Communications & Branding Approach Discussion

Chapter 1: 1) Define integrated marketing communications. 2) State why companies practice IMC. 3) What is advertising? 4) How is advertising a kind of nonpersonal, or mass communication?

Chapter 2 1) Describe the four fundamental assumptions of free-market economics. 2) List the functions and effects of advertising as a marketing tool. 3) Describe how wholesalers used advertising in the industrial age.

Chapter 3 1) What reason do the proponents of advertising cite when they say advertised products are safer? 2) How does advertising add value to a brand? 3) How does advertising help lower prices?

Chapter 4 1) The advertising business has evolved into four distinct groups. List them. 2) Which are the two basic management structures that large advertisers tend to use? 3) What is the job title used for the individual in the ad agency that serves as the liaison between the agency and the client?

Chapter 5 1) Write a short note on customer needs and product utility 2) Write a note on business markets. 3) What are government markets? 4) What is the importance of consumer behavior in marketing?

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