Incorporation of Technology in Businesses Essay


Address the following questions in your essay:

• The “cloud” has become one of the most significant trends in information systems today readily replacing significant in-house hardware and networking infrastructure. What in your view has led to the success of cloud computing? Identify and describe at least three major technologies that have made the cloud possible and provide your rationale for selection.

• What are business processes—and why and how are information systems used to improve their efficiency? Provide your explanation and use specific examples in your explanation.

• Identify a business in which you interact and use frequently in your daily life. Explain the impact of SMAC on this business with specific emphasis on how the company has changed over the last ten years. Provide an example for each element of SMAC.

• Explain in your own words what is meant by data governance. Include in your explanation your rationale for why data should be governed. Provide specific examples in your description of governance.

Explanation & Answer length: 1750 Words.

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