Impartiality in the Modern Era Discussion


1.) Under what circumstances would a court disregard precedent?

This assignment supports student learning objectives: List and Define the steps in court procedure (175+ words)


Tierra Weatherspoon

Jerry Lewinsky was called for jury duty. When voir dire began, Jerry realized that the case involved his supervisor at work. Can Jerry remain as a juror on the case? Why or why not?

Jerry Lewinsky will not remain as a juror on the case. He will be excused by the judge because members of the panel who knows any person involved in the case may have strong prejudices about the people or issues involved in the case. Jerry might have information about the case he just might be good friends with the supervisor involved in the case and wants to Protect his friend. Jerry might even dislike the supervisor and do the defendant more harm than good. That’s how knowing the person involved in the case when on jury duty you’ll Typically be excused from jury duty.


Melanie Pina

When one is called to be a jury they are being asked to be part of a group of people in the court case and be a set of eyes to be able to come to an end in the case. There are some “rules” one must follow to try to make it as fair as possible for the case. In the scenario described above, Jerry Lewisky is called to be a juror in case he later realizes it involves his supervisor from work. Due to the fact that they knew each other, Jerry would not be able to be apart of the jury. This would be a conflict in the case because it is a employment within the two. “Lawyers have the opportunity to remove jurors who know the parties in the case…” ( Anderson’s Business Law and the Legal Environment, pg 23). It is best to have a group of peers that are unknown and have no acknowledgment of the case to be able to have a better chance or equality.

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