Illegal Pricing Strategy Predatory Pricing Discussion


Ethical Pricing Assignment:

Pick ONE of the following:

  • Predatory pricing
  • Price Fixing
  • Price Discrimination (sometimes deemed okay, sometimes deemed illegal)

Do some research to find an example (that is not already in the textbook or discussed in class) of a company that has been charged with the illegal pricing strategy you chose. The example must be from 2019 or 2020. Note: Sometimes price discrimination is okay so if you choose to find an example of price discrimination you should be focusing on illegal price discrimination.

  1. What did the organization do that led to the charges of illegal pricing?
  2. How was it discovered?
  3. Have legal charges been brought against the organization? If so, who brought the charges?
  4. And have the legal charges been resolved? If so, what was the resolution?
  5. Finally, in your opinion, what could the company have done to PREVENT the type of illegal pricing they have been charged with?

Explanation & Answer length: 1 Page.

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