High Performance Computing Analysis Paper


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Report Topic: High Performance Computing (HPC) architectures. Requirements: To help prepare you for writing technical documents in the future, you will write your project paper in a simplified ACM format with one column, fully justified text. Your report should be approximately 5-6 pages. • Abstract or executive summary: 100-200 words describing what has been done and results. • Introduction: This section includes a longer summary of what has been done, main observations and results. The report introduction should briefly discuss how the used techniques are different from previous work on the topic. • Background/Related work: This section includes summaries of previous related work including references to the papers and other resources you needed to explore to fully understand the topic you are reporting on.

Include references to these resources in the references section. In this section, you should aim to describe how the work you are reporting on is different and how it improves and/or extends previous methods. • Methodology: Describe your understanding of the main contributions of the topic you are reporting on what was done, how it was done, how it works, etc. Provide architectural diagrams, charts, and figures where necessary with proper citation. • Experiment Results/Observations: Depending on the topic you are reporting on, you may need to include a description of the experimental setup (if included in the original paper you are reviewing). Aim to be concise and utilize graphs to show any improvements. Include a summary of results analysis: what the results mean and the trends that are revealed • Conclusions and Future Work: Include here a summary of the work and results. Include any future work that is expected or could be done. • Acknowledgments (Optional) Acknowledge any person that helped with your research that is not listed as an author. • References: List of papers and resources cited throughout your report.

THE- END Report ideas: High performance computing can analyze incredibly large volumes of complex data at high speed. This level of analysis has been essential for industries like medical research and meteorology, but different business sectors are starting to take advantage of it including finance, energy etc. HPC has become key factor in terms of efficiency and generating revenue by making predictions and creating simulations. For building HPC architecture, a cluster is made by networking compute servers and then it is networked to data storage to capture output which will run to simultaneously for multiple tasks. A defect of HPC is it uses a lot of electricity and requires special cooling system, and most companies don’t have the infrastructure to host their own HPC system, but they can still deploy one by working with the data centers. My research will concentrate on the use of HPC on different fields and components of HPC.

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