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INTRODUCTION The Health Information Specialist may need to plan changes to the budget, request additional staff, or calculate the number of staff needed for a new department or activity. This requires one to use basic arithmetical calculations to determine volumes of units of work needed to be completed, time standards to perform each unit, productive time during the day, and considerations of paid break times and paid unproductive time.

INSTRUCTIONS: Review this week’s lesson for Productivity Standards Answer the following. If a calculation yields a decimal, round to 1 decimal point (example 5.435 would be rounded to 5.4) before performing the next calculation.

Report all answers to 1 decimal point unless otherwise provided for in possible given answers in a multiple choice question. Type your answers and formulas/calculations you used to reach your answer.



Michael Olsen had been transcribing for the HIM Department for 3 years and had received repeated warnings to increase his productivity or he would be terminated from his job.He received additional training paid by the hospital to help him become more proficient on his job.He had the same equipment, software, and types of cases as the 8 other transcriptionists in the department. He received his last written warning on Friday, April 30 indicating that his line count would be obtained for each day next week and the line count would be averaged. If he was at 85% or more of the standard of 1200 lines per day, he could retain his job. If he was below 85% of 1200 lines per day he would loose his job. The following line counts were obtained of his work the following week:

Monday 1,342 lines

Tuesday 927




What was his average line count per day?

What was his percent of standard?

As a result of this study, Michael should

a.Keep his job

b.Be fired from his job

2.An average of 80cancer charts need to be abstracted for the tumor registry each week. The standard is 40 minutes per chart. How many FTE need to be hired to do all the abstracting?

3. The standard for transcription is 150 lines per hour. If the department has 816,328 lines per year of transcription to do, how many transcriptionists will you need to hire?

4. If the ROI clerk completed 609 requests during the month and met standard, how many requestsdid she do per productive hour?

5. After a work sampling study was completed, it was found that 20% of a coder’s time was devoted to pulling records for physicians with missing diagnoses. How many minutes of a 7.5 hour day are taken up with this activity?





6. It takes approximately 18 minutes to assemble and analyze a chart for deficiencies. There are 1562discharges for the month.

How many personnel hours per month are needed for this volume of work?

How many FTE employees would be needed to do the work?

7.A coding supervisor must determine the number of full time employees needed to code 600 discharges per week. It takes an average of 20 minutes to code each record and each coder will work 40 hours per week. How many coders are needed?a.6.4




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