Good Communication Skills in Daily & Professional Lives Exercise


Critical Thinking

1. Good communication skills are essential skills for both our daily and professional lives. In your point of view, what are the characteristics of a good communicator that managerslooking for? and what values can businesses receive from hiring people with good communication skills? (Marks: 2.5)(300 word)

2. Evaluate your communication skills, sort out your strengths and weaknesses. Describe one of your weaknesses, how it prevents you from being a good communicator? How do you plan to work on that weakness before you look for a job? (Marks: 2.5)(300 word)

Writing Exercise

3. Write a sample Letter/ Message taking into your consideration the following points: (Marks:5)(600 word)

a) The purpose of your writing.

b) The audience 

c) The structure of your writing (outline)

d) The clarity of your writing (details and example)

e) The three important writing decisions (tone/ word selection/ length).

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