Globalization of Film Sector of the PRC China Incremental Changes Essay



Choose one of the following topics to write an essay:

1.“There are as many modes of globalization as there are globalizing agents and dynamics or impulses” (Pieterse, 1994, p. 162). Discuss the globalization of the film ORtelevisionsector of the PRC with reference to Pieterse’s (1994) statement.

2.“Nye stresses that hard power originates in the state machine while soft power derives from the activities of non-state agencies,…In this regard, the concept of cultural and media imperialism seems to represent a better starting point for examining the case of China than does soft power” (Sparks 2020, p. 276). Discuss the externally-targeted initiatives in China’snewssectorwith reference to Spark’s (2020) statement.

3.What does the concept “glocalization” (Robertson, 1995; Hannerz, 1989) and hybridization (Pieterse, 1994) help us understand about the globalization of China’sonline gamingORlivestreamingsector. 

4.Discuss the conditions and state of public participation on the Internet in the PRCORthe use of networked digital technologies by the Chinese party-state with reference to China’s domestic and global dynamics. 

Word length: a maximum of 3,000. Every word in the file, including in-text citations but excluding the reference list, counts towards the word length. Note that there is no 10% allowance for exceeding the word limit.


1.Put the essay topic at the beginning of the file. 

2.The content of your essay must be related to what is discussed in the seminar and relevant to unit readings. 

3.You have required to cite meaningfully a minimum of four items from the reading guide of the unit. Please mark the in-text citations and the reference entries of these items in red colour. Essays that do not meet this requirement will receive “0” for referencing and a maximum of 30 marks deduction for the essay. 

4.In addition, you are expected to consult further materials and put forth a coherent argument of your own. A minimum of 10 references expected. 

5.Make sure that you do not copy and paste passages from any published material or translate parts of an article you read in Chinese into English as part of your essay. This is plagiarism. 

6.Chinese-language materials could be consulted but they must form less than 40%of references, and their content needs to be translated into English if included as direct quotations.

Follow this format in referencing Chinese sources:Qian, G. (2009). ??????????(Chronology of the prohibition on reporting about the collapse of school buildings in the Sichuan earthquake). In ????????????(What a glorious era: Qian Gang’s observations about China) (pp. 17-21). Hong Kong: 

Explanation & Answer length: 3000 Words Max.

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