Fighting Violence Against Women and Girls Blog Post


In this assignment, you will create a brief communications plan for a blog campaign and an accompanying blog post as part of that campaign. A communications plan outlines when, where, how, and why you will communicate with your organization’s stakeholders.  Your plan should be for the same real-world organization that you represented in your digital media kit. 

a) communications plan outline (250-300 words) describing your organization’s initiative and this campaign’s audience, channel, calendar, and content

b) an original blog post (400-500 words) connected to the same action, initiative, or event outlined in the press release. This blog post should contain at least 2 external web links.

Your communications plan outline should briefly describe an action, initiative, or event that will draw attention to your organization through its accompanying communications campaign on your organization’s blog. Your plan should identify and describe relevant spokespeople and content for your blog posts, and a calendar for your campaign that indicates when, where, and with what frequency your communications will appear. You should demonstrate research into your blog’s audience to explain why your blog campaign will build trust in your organization among its stakeholders. This is a brief – you only have one page to describe this plan and make it seem as appealing and achievable as possible!

Your original blog post should put the communications plan into action. Create a post that engages the audience you have identified through research. Will you engage them as a knowledge leader? Are you providing a path to self-improvement, or appealing to self-interest? Are you inviting readers to participate? Are you presenting them with a relatable or inspiring story? Think about how your blog post invites readers to trust in your organization and feel invested in your initiative.

so my previous organization media kit is FIGHTING VIOLENCE AGAINST GIRLS AND WOMEN.

The Spotlight Initiative 2017.

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