FC Coding in HTML and CSS Media Query for Mobile Devices Program

Question Description

Open the HTML and CSS files for this page 

1. Use your text editor to open and review the index.html and main.css files for the Town Hall website:
c:\html5_css3_4\exercises\town_hall_2\c9_index.html c:\html5_css3_4\exercises\town_hall_2\c9_main.css
2. Test the index page to see how it looks, and adjust the page width to see how it works for responsive web design.
3. In the CSS file, delete any float or clear properties…except for the float proper-ties for the images in the header and article. Now, test the page to see how the page layout has been disrupted.
Change the navigation menu so it uses flex 4. In the CSS file, set the display property for the ul element in the navigation menu so the li elements are displayed as block elements within a flex container. Then, set the flex-basis property so the flex container occupies 100% of the page width. And set the justify-content property so space is allocated evenly between the flex items. Then, test this change, which should work.
5. Change the width property for the li items to the flex-basis property and set it to 20%. Then, test this change to see that both the width and the flex-basis properties get the same result.
Change the main element so it uses flex 6. In the CSS file, set the display property for the main element so the section and aside child elements are displayed in a flex container.
7. Set the flex-basis properties of the section and aside elements to 70% and 30%, and delete their width properties. Then, set the order properties of these elements so the aside element is displayed before the section element.
8. Test these changes to be sure that the aside and section elements are laid out properly when the page is displayed at its maximum width. Then, reduce the width of the browser to see that the widths of these elements change based on the values of their flex-basis properties.
Change the media query for mobile devices

9. In the CSS file, locate the media query that checks that the viewport width is 767 pixels or less. Within this query, change the main element so the section and aside elements that it contains are displayed in a column and so the section is displayed before the aside.
10. Test this page to be sure that it’s displayed properly at all widths, and make any final adjustments that are needed.

validate the html and css with this as well https://html5.validator.nu/ http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/

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