Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee Movie Analysis Paper


choose one of the following films to watch:

  • Do the Right Thing (1989)
  • Get Out (2017)

Discuss the connections between the film you chose and the work we covered this semester. You may include as many or as few of the readings we covered, but your essay must be 2000 words in length now matter how few works you choose to discuss; if you discuss 1 single short story, for example, then your analysis must go much deeper. If you compare the film to several short stories and the novel, then you’ll have less depth but more breadth of discussion.

Whichever film you choose, use your paper to discuss matters such as characters, setting, plot elements, dialogue, and so forth–do your best to draw interesting connections between whichever film you chose and the written works you are covering.

Explanation & Answer length: 1500 Words.

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