Digital Media Channel Attribution Analysis


  • In my recording (during 4 min) We have to choose a company/brand and look at the different touchpoint the company had created. Choose a particular product. For example, the email, social media, or maybe website “touchpoint” that the company created to try to push that content. Examine maybe 4 or 5 touchpoint example and see what type of contribution iz it early on the journey, assisting channel or last interaction?  How can the customer interacts with the company- the key touchpoint that chosen company chosen to adopt on a regular basis- 
  • For example they are social media base like instagram SME might focus on email. 
  • Analysis those touchpoint how the company used it. 
  • Why it is important for the brand to interact with the customer? 
  • Izit to gather more data/information about them and use that to personalize the content?
  • How the relationship between the company and customer can be enhanced using online touchpoint? 
  • How can they create a twoedusson.comway relationship by using these touchpoints?
  • Usually is by data gathering/ by giving the customer something else back contribute more personalize  Attribution modeling (focus) Different Attribution  Critically discuss how online tools/software may assist the marketer in developing their understanding of digital media attribution.
  • Please allow me to share with you that we have to apply the theory to the chosen company, and remember not to analyse the company. Whats the tutor want from us is that the understanding of the theory and apply it to the company

Explanation & Answer length: 14 Pages

Assessment Value: 100% of module assessment. Assignment Brief As a marketing assistant, you have been asked by your marketing manager to produce a report which critically examines how an understanding of ‘Digital Media Channel Attribution’ can enhance the customer journey and improve conversion rates. In the context of your chosen organization, you should produce a report which: • Defines the concept of ‘Digital Media Channel Attribution’ • Critically examines the role of ‘Digital Media Channel Attribution’ in enhancing the user journey • Examines the relationship between a positive user journey and improved conversion rates • Critically defines the online tools and programmes which could be used by a digital marketer to examine the user journey • Critically defines the particular features of these tools and programmes which would be of use when examining the user journey Reports should be produced in traditional report format (executive summary, contents page, headings, sub-headings, written with the specific audience in mind, appropriate charts/tables/images).

It should also include Harvard referencing integrated throughout. The report should include a full bibliography. Deadline: Monday 7th January, Midnight (via TurnItIn) Word Count: 4,000 words (+/- 10%) Assessment Marking Grid The marking scheme considers the balance between applied content, critical analysis and appropriate Harvard referencing support. Discussion Topic Online customer experience and interaction Areas to consider How can the customer interact with the organization online?

Critically examine why interaction is important Critically discuss how the relationship between the organisation and the customer can be enhanced by using online ‘touch points’ Digital media attribution modelling What is it? Why is it useful? Critically analyse how it can assist the organisation in understanding the user journey Critically discuss how a positive user journey can enhance conversion rates Online Digital Tools Where appropriate, critically discuss how online tools/software may assist the marketer in developing their understanding of digital media attribution Critical Analysis How can current academic research in the field of digital marketing and attribution modelling inform all of the above?

Use academic texts, journal articles and other relevant sources detailed in the ‘recommended reading’ list to support your discussion and claims. Referrals If you fail your first attempt at the assessment, detailed above, you will be given a second attempt at an alternative assessment. This will be capped at 50% (the maximum mark you can receive). References/Book List Core text: CHAFFEY, D., & SMITH, P.R. (2017) Digital Marketing Excellence. 5th edition. Routledge. Other useful texts: CHAFFEY, D., & ELLIS-CHADWICK, F. (2015) Digital Marketing: Strategy, implementation and Practice. 6th edition. Pearson. FILL, C., & TURNBULL, S. (2016) Marketing Communications: Discovery, Creation and Conversations. 7th edition.

Pearson. KINGSNORTH., (2016) Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing. 1st edition. Kogan Page. ROWLES, D,. (2014) Digital Branding: A complete step-by-step guide to strategy, tactics and measurement. 1st edition. Kogan Page. RYAN., D. (2016) Understanding Digital Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Generation. 1st edition. Kogan Page. Reference to electronic journal articles is highly recommended as these provide excellent, up-to-date information into this emerging field. Other Useful Electronic Sources

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