Data Visualization Using Tableau Research Paper


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Data Visualisation & Storytelling Assignment 1. Introduction The goal of this assignment is to design and implement a dashboard and/or interactive visualisations that allow you to explore a given dataset. You will be involved in cleaning and preparing the data where necessary, exploring the data, designing your visualisations, and implementing your dashboard using Tableau Desktop. 2. a) b) c) Objectives Understand, prepare and clean a curated dataset. Identify meaningful exploratory questions from the dataset.

Design a multitude of visualisations to effectively derive answers to the declarative and exploratory questions identified earlier. d) Perform data storytelling using a dashboard and/or interactive visualisations for target audience. 3. About the dataset The hotel_bookings_0421.csv data set contains hotel reservations information for Metropolis Grand Hotel and Island Grand Resort, and includes information such as when the booking was made, length of stay, the number of adults, children, and/or babies, and the number of available parking spaces, among other things. The metadata of the hotel_bookings_0421.csv dataset is provided in the accompanying metadata.txt file. 4. Context You are a data analyst and have been hired by N Management Ltd, a hotel conglomerate that owns the Metropolis Grand Hotel and Island Grand Resort to explore the hotel_bookings_0421.csv and see what kind of data driven exploratory questions can be asked and confirmed and what kind of data driven declarative statements can be made.

5. Assignment Report Recommended Structure You may use the following pointers to structure your report. You should include visuals, diagrams and/or tables where appropriate to enhance your report’s readability. 1) Project Objectives · Provide a list of primary exploratory questions you are trying to answer with the data given in hotel_bookings_0421.csv. · Explain why NP Management Ltd should care about your primary exploratory questions. · The questions may evolve over the course of the project. Update this part by adding or removing exploratory questions you consider necessary in the course of your analysis. 2) Data Preparation · Describe the state of the data (e.g. is it clean, is it complete).

Do you expect to do substantial data clean up? · · How will you prepare your data so that it is suitable for exploration and analysis? Describe the steps involved in detail. Did you perform further research to better understand the context of the data and metadata? Elaborate on the process and describe any further findings. 3) Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualisation · Using the exploratory questions, you have list out earlier, attempt to answer your questions with visualization. · You may need to finetune your questions as you understand your data more. · Identify the core findings and insights and improve your visualizations accordingly. · What are the different visualizations you have considered?

Justify the design decisions you made using visualization and design principles. · Describe each visualization by highlighting the exploratory questions it answers. · Where necessary, explain how to interpret the visualizations in order to answer the exploratory questions (e.g. interactive elements). 4) Dashboard · From your library of visualizations created earlier, identify suitable ones to create a dashboard. Recall that dashboards should incorporate only visualizations related to one main topic. · Depending on your exploratory questions, create multiple dashboards to aid you in performing your video recorded data story telling presentation subsequently.

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