Customer Visit a Company or Brand Website Question


Please listen to the following to respond to the questions below.

Questions Group 1 – approx. 0m thru 15m

1) List and describe the steps that happen between A to Z:

A – when you as a customer visit a company or brand’s website (which uses digital ads).

Z – when an add is rendered by your web browser and displayed to you on your computer from that website.

2) how many total steps did you list?

3) “Programmatic Advertising” and “Real-Time Bidding” are for a world without ” __________” ; and to” ________________.” (fill in the blanks).

Questions – Group 2 – approx. 15m thru 21m

1) How many different types of companies may be involved in the process you outlined in the Group 1 questions?

2) How many different types of data processing purposes might be at play in the processes you outlined in the Group 1 questions?

3) How do these various types of companies and purposes enforce control over what happens to personal data once it’s been created and shared?

4) Does non-personal data have any value (why or why not)?

5) Are CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) happy with the status quo? (why or why not)?

Questions Group 3 – approx. 21m thru 35m

1) Why is cooperation, collaboration, consensus across all parties in the Ad Tech and Digital Ad Industry critical?

2) Companies that run websites and apps are called________ (fill in the blank). Why are they positioned to struggle the most if practices don’t change, or don’t change quickly enough?

3) Two types of businesses (that are companies that end users interact with) that are exposed to the most risk if GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) mandated changes don’t happen quickly are: the ______________you are visiting, and the ________________ being advertised (fill in the blanks).

4) What tool or industry group was mentioned to help find trusted partners and online ad service providers that are making the shift to the new non-personal data standards in online advertising and the ad tech industry?

5) Many small changes can be made that would make a big difference like with the example of how “Frequency Capping” can be done differently (using a Campaign ID and Non-tracking Cookies). What is Frequency Capping?

6) What is at the center of getting ad tech to work in a privacy friendly way?

Questions Group 4 – approx. 35m thru conclusion

1) “Publishers make ______ cents for every dollar that goes through the system….” and “lose ____% to it (fill in the blanks).”

2) What makes the “complicated ecosystem” of various companies that supports this industry very fragile?

3) What did Max Schrems create?

4) What US organization is “way ahead of its peers globally” (because they’ve created better representation for publishers in understanding privacy laws and the implications of choosing to use personal data vs. choosing to change and use non-personal data?

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