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I need a detailed feature story done for my mass communications class that is made up of collected information I collected from a person in my class on things she did during the pandemic and how she felt. A feature story has to have 4 paragraphs for the lead and that a Nut Graf following up after explaining more of the information provided in the lead but a lot more detailed and describing what she did through quarantine and what helped her survive and not be depressed. The lead has to be catchy and get a readers attention. After the Nut graf which should be up to 14 sentences long. There should be an ending paragraph summarizing up what she did. More directions are included in the document below.

Questions for project -Where were you when lockdown started? Ex: ask more questions leading to something juicy -At what point did you think this is going to be a big deal? -What were you thinking when the lockdown started? -How did you spend those first couple of weeks? -How did your daily life start changing? -How was homework for school? -When/How did you realize this was serious?

-Describe quarantine vs pre-quarantine? Ex: more questions about that… -Describe in detail the pre-post pandemic? -What did you start doing differently? -What did you do to keep yourself going during the pandemic? Ex: more questions about that to get more information -Juicy Quotes “direct quotes” that lend insight -What was the low point for you? -What did you miss—and miss out on? -What helped you? -What made you happy/sad? She was a sophomore in college and her parents were in Atlanta she was in her apartment with roomates no one really went home, they would sleep in and walk around, hang around friends, and party, an eat contest that Saturday, teacher made them come in, the questioned studying, They knew of corona they only though it was older people, they thought because they were younger, and they were fine Stay around each other and they She had early class, she had morning classes in the morning, jammed packed people, parents came to visit in spring and she went to a baseball game, Did at home: quarantine with boyfriend, she didn’t want to gain weight she thought they would hang out for the summer, put cream cheese on the bread and avocado He would play video games, hang out with friends, shed be on tik tok all day long, (she’d do dancing tik toks (what artists did you dance to what type of music?

Megan the Stallion (savage) she really liked that dance and it was viral at the time, she was not that good with the dance, it was just for fun, she did it on a private account. Was your dancing bad?) and eat dinner and get groceries and stocked up on groceries, ( shed get chicken breast and starbucks vanilla ice coffee ice coffees ( the coffee got her up “It kind of felt everything was normal because I always use to get coffee before class on campus.” play cards and play den and speed (What is jin? How do you play it? Did it become really competitive, How do you play speed, How would playing these card games make you feel?) gin is a two player game it got really competitive and they would keep track of who won (played it a couple of weeks) Speed is played like a counting game with the cards her and her boyfriend were realy good at it. “hanging out with my friends brought us closer together, it made me feel like I wasn’t alone” -differently: she’d drink wine and popcorn all the time, and have girls night next door, their weren’t any shows to watch, at girls night shed play trains ( a domino game) a movie in the background Her boyfriends parents got really sick and that’s when she started to get scared and stay in, they were on their death bed, she still went to Walmart with a mask to grocery shop on Mondays (what type od groceries did you go buy) (How did her boyfriend feel, what was going through his head what was his emotions, how did that make you feel, did you have to comfort him, did you become closer because of that?).

She would spend the whole day with him and talk about his parents and siblings and staying updated, she would make him breakfast, to cheer him up she got him sweet and condensed vanilla snowballs and playing cards with him Homework: they kind of laid back on their homework for her ( the teacher was always sick) at the end of the semester. She would keep her mind off things and she was never alone, watched shows “tiger king” “good trouble” “the Jordan show” time to relax and she didn’t really have a low point She would walk the lakes ( she didn’t have work, for two weeks (retail store here in the offices here) the time kept extending (they couldn’t travel to sell baseball products ( mid June for the first tournament) She felt uncomfortable when she saw all of them with no masks and felt they didn’t care Talking to her friends made her happy, ferternity gatherings, then it turned into ghost town Parents- did not want her to come home/ her parents didn’t think they were at risk Practice Feature Story Lead sentence: – Name: Jillian McDermott Something compelling: cooking Theme: Jillian survived the pandemic through cooking food for herself and loved ones.

Through the tough times of The significant other of Jillian McDermott Avocado toast kept Jillian McDermott healthy and energized through the pandemic. The seasoned mixture of avocado and salt smeared across the warm, crispy bread comforted her during an unprecedented time. In one hand she held her NICE SNACK and in the other she held her iPhone covered in a grey surface, scrolling through tik toks. Who knew two simple ingredients could cure the depression of being in lockdown? Other than this popular breakfast snack, cooking in the kitchen for friends and family helped get her through the early weeks of the pandemic. Treasury Thompson Personality profile as pandemic survival story Your story should offer insight into your classmate’s personality by highlighting the impact of the pandemic on his or her life. *Your first sentence should include your assigned student’s name and tell me something compelling about how he or she survived/enjoyed/suffered through the pandemic.

The TOP needs an anecdote, a juicy direct quote or another feature lede. The top can be between one sentence and four paragraph. Write a NUT GRAF to transition from the top to the middle of your story. that t! bunch name should be the first 2 words Slinta The MIDDLE should contain a mix of paraphrases, direct quotes (properly attributed), indirect quotes (also properly attributed) and firsthand impressions of your classmate’s approach to getting through this difficult time. Good, BAD, Organize the middle according to chronology (easier) or themes (harder). e ugly 0 The END should look forward. Save a distinctive direct quotation for the end. Ask your subject, “What have you learned about yourself?” Refifction Show, don’t tell. Don’t tell me so-and-so likes candy and enjoys streaming movies on Netflix. Tell me so-and-so can eat a family-size package of Skittles in one sitting and once watched five seasons of “The Wire” in a 36-hour marathon.U Watch comma use, grammar and AP Style Incent 900 to 1,200 words, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins to class Apr.14th for feedback during class.

Zoom A story draft (worth 50 points in the assignments category) is due at the start Share Draft of class Wednesday, April 14. You will share the draft with your classmates ) 5 FINAL DRAFT (10 percent of final grade) due by 5 Monday, April 19. Email your story in a Word document to by the deadline. 414 or in-person Final Draft EMAIL 5 P.M. April 10 a =

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